testRubén Gómez of All Google Testing managed to capture Google testing a gray background color for their homepage.  Not only  has he found this, but Rubén saw Yahoo testing a new top search bar as well.

Regarding the Google homepage test, according to Rubén, comes from a Material design look, which was covered a few weeks ago.  He was able to capture Google testing a slightly updated home page.

The biggest change that was noticable was the gray background, instead of the traditional white.  The search box is slightly larger and more spaced out.

Check out Rubén’s screen shot:


For comparison, this is what we normally see:


Moving on to the Yahoo news, it was discovered that Yahoo was testing a new top search bar.  The bar seems larger and more spacious than before.  Not only does it remove the purple cover, but it also drops the “search” text from the search button and replaces it with a magnifying glass icon.

Here’s the test:


This is what we usually see:


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