firehoo-logoYahoo and Mozilla just announced on November 19th a “strategic five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search experience for Firefox in the United States on mobile and desktop.”  But will this deal help the company grow search engine traffic?  For Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, there is always hope.  Along with this new deal, she hopes that the alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft will grow as well.

Marketing Land had an interview with Mayer, but she declined to give away any specific numbers regarding the traffic that Yahoo expects to gain from the deal.  For Mayer, there is the hope that Yahoo will grow, rather than Bing:

“I think that if you look at the overall search space, in Yahoo’s case, we’ve been trading share with our partner Microsoft for some time.

That said, the whole thesis about partnership is that we wanted to ultimately gain search share against the broader ecosystem. It hasn’t really accomplished that.

I think, however, this partnership does allow ideally Yahoo to grow its share and hopefully the collective search alliance to grow its share.”

Basically, Yahoo and Microsoft signed a deal back in 2010 that the companies would help them both grow against the might of Google.  But so far, things haven’t quite gone the way Yahoo expected.  Not only did Bing grow and take shares for it’s own, but it wasn’t from Google.  It was from Yahoo.  Because of this, Yahoo had hit an all time low, dipping below the 10% share of the US search market, and barely coming back up above 10% since then.

With this new deal with Firefox, the hope is Yahoo will grow some of its own share.  There are 100 billion searches that Firefox says happens via it’s browser every year, and hopefully Yahoo will be able to take advantage of this.

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