yahooCES has always been a big thing for consumers and electronics and related things.  After all, that’s why it’s called CES.  That’s short for Consumer Electronic Show.  Yesterday it was announced by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer that there was a new news app called Yahoo News Digest was out.  The app was created under the watchful eye of Nick D’Aloisio, who is the founder of Summly.  Summly was bought up by Yahoo back in March of 2013. for approximately $30 million.

Although Summly was shut down, the technology it possessed was integrated into Yahoo’s mobile app.  So despite the fact that the app is working under the name of Yahoo, it’s really just Summly 2.0.  It’s co-existing next to Yahoo News, but we will see what happens over time with the two.

To read the full news article on Yahoo News Digest, you can follow the link below:

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