yandex-logo-200pxThis morning, Russia’s leading search engine, Yandex, announced it’s second quarter results this morning, revealing a revenue of $361.5 million (or 3.6 billion rubles), which is 32 percent higher than last year.

When it comes to income, Yandex has made $1.08 billion (3.6 billion rubles), which is a 13% increase over Q2 2013.  But, the search engine’s net income has dropped 18% vs 2013.

93 percent of Yandex’s total revenue in Q2 has stemmed from their text-based ad revenue (search and network).  Their display revenue has contributed a mere 6% of their total revenue.  Last year at this time, display had made 12% of the total revenue.  Sites that were operated by Yandex drove the majority of the company’s revenue.

CPCs have increased by a marginal 1%, and paid clicks have seen an increase of 36% when you compare these two points to this time last year.  Finally, Yandex has seen a 25% increase in the number of advertisers at the end of Q2.  The total amount of advertisers that Yandex has disclosed the number of advertisers to be at 295,000.



It seems, similar to Google here in the states, Yandex has an incredible controlling share of the search market, which comes to 61%.  The company stated that search queries across its network has gone up by 21% compared to last year.

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