yandex_logo_en-svgThe leading Russian search engine, Yandex, has reported that they have an 18-percent increase in year-over-year revenue gains for 2015, climbing to $820.4 million, or 59.8 billion RUB during the year.

During the last quarter of 2015, Yandex owned an averaged of 57.3 percent of the Russian search market.

The COO of Yandex, Alexander Shulgin says that the company served a record number of advertisers in Q4 2015.  The site reports advertiser totals at 394,000, which is up 23 percent compared to Q4 2014.

“In the face of economic headwinds and a highly competitive environment, we managed to stabilize our market share, improve product quality, significantly increase the size of our web index and introduce a sophisticated new auction model that is already having a material impact on monetization,” says CEO Arkady Volozh.


There are three new business units being reported by Yandex during 2015, and they include:

  • Yandex Taxi

Shulgin said that the company has plans to aggressively invest in each of these new ventures this year.

Not only are there these new business units for Yandex users to take advantage of, the search engine has worked with Microsoft in 2015 to deliver Windows 10 with Yandex search in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and a number of other countries as well.

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