The largest search engine in Russia, Yandex, has announced that they have transitioned to an upgraded search platform named “Korolyov.”

With this new update, Korolyov adds two major updates above the Paekh system which rolled out last November

  • Korolyov matches the meaning of a search query to all of the content of a web page. Palekh only looked at headlines.
  • Yandex applies Korolyov to a far greater number of pages than Palekh (200,000 vs. 150 per search query).

Palekh was the Yandex version of Google’s RankBrain, and now Korolyov makes an improvement above the original version. The new version of the algorithm is meant to better understand user intent and handle long-tail queries.

The press release explains:

First, “Korolyov” is better at understanding user intent than its predecessor because it examines the entirety of web pages rather than just their headlines. Second, “Korolyov” can scale to analyze a thousand times more documents in real time than “Palekh.”

Like all modern AI-based systems, “Korolyov” improves itself with each incremental data point. Yandex’s position as the largest search engine in Russia creates a positive feedback loop for our deep neural network algorithm, which leads to superior search results for our users.

Originally, in Palekh, only the headline of the pages was looked at, and not the full content of the pages. With Korolyov, it looks at the content as well as the headline.

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