yelpIn Yelp news, there has been more evidence of review fraud that Yelp themselves have added that ties directly in the reviews section of local businesses.  If there is a review that Yelp finds a review that could be questionable, say through a paid review as an example, it places a “Consumer Alert” box and shows a button to “show me the evidence,” which will then take the search to the place the businesses owner is suspected of trying to pay a person to leave a review.

 covered this via a forum thread, which shares an example of the alert. Barry was able to locate this example and share with you high resolution screen shots.

Here’s a shot of the “consumer alert” box that has the “show me the evidence” button:



After click on it, you’re directed by Yelp to a screen shot of the evidence.  In this situation, we’re looking at a Craigslist job that pays people to drop reviews for this business”



If you’re looking at the web version of the box, you’ll be able to see the review, as well as click on the show evidence link.  Here’s what it says:

We caught someone red-handed trying to pay someone to write, change, or remove a review for this business. We weren’t fooled, but wanted you to know because these actions not only hurt consumers, but also honest businesses who play by the rules. Check out the evidence here.

Show me the reviews

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