On February 11, Yelp announced a new “video-centric” ad format that the company is calling Showcase Ads, as well as in-store attribution: Yelp Store Visits (YSV). These offerings are aimed at national and multi-location brands. The company said that these products are designed in order to address “specific pain points of national and multi-location businesses.”

Yelp says that the new ad unit is “video-centric,” which means that it doesn’t have to use video. It’s Yelp’s vision that they will be used to promote specials and limited-time offers.

Source: Yelp

According to Yelp, Denny’s and other large brands have tested these products prior to their announcement, and had successful results.

Yelp describes YSV as “a first-party [opt-in] attribution tool that allows businesses to better understand the impact of their ads.” YSV will report a cost-per-visit metric to help brands calculate a more accurate ROI from their ad spend.

SourceGreg Sterling