yelp-logoIn order to combat for the reviews and unacceptable tactics to earn reviews, Yelp posted another batch of consumer alert messages on business profile pages.

This will not work the second time, because Yelp has announced that some businesses are going to be outed for trying to game its system. Back in October, a message was put out by Yelp on 8 business profile pages that stated that those companies were caught red handed trying to buy fake reviews.

Currently, the alert that was posted today is just a little different this time around. It tells customers that Yelp “caught someone offering up cash, discounts, gift certificates, or other incentives in exchange for reviews about this business.”


Because of the bad business practices, the message will show up on every effected business profile for the next 90 days.  a spokesperson for Yelp declined to give the exact number of businesses were getting this message, but said its a similar number to the eight that were hit back in October.

Yelp has historically been the most strict when it comes to what it’s like businesses do to get the reviews. In short, just about nothing. Yelp the Scourge is business owners from even inviting customers to write a review. Writing reviews should be voluntary and not ask for.