YelpA decade can seem like forever, and when it comes to anything in the computer and digital age, ten years can be forever.  Think of how far ten years can take us in this day and age of technology.

But did you know that Yelp is turning ten this year?  Yup.  Ten years old.  That’s practically old man age in real life.  In the last ten years Yelp has been around, 57 million reviews have been collected from users in 100 cities in more than 20 countries.  Now, that data is becoming accessible through a new Yelp Trends tool.

The new trends tool, while similar to Google Trends, is more narrowly focused, which allows Yelp users to compare the popularity of up to three keywords or phrases over time.  The keywords or phrases can include a variety of things, including brands or product names.

Yelp trends 1

Here is a statement from Yelp’s blog post:

Our massive wealth of data and the high quality reviews contributed by the Yelp community are what allow us to surface consumer trends and behavior based on ten years of experiences shared by locals around the world. For example, are San Franciscans still sipping PBR or craving craft beer? Is the CrossFit fad still going strong or losing steam? Are Londoners loving bob hairstyles or feeling more fringe (that’s bangs, for you Americans) these days? And every city has its favorite food trucks now, but where did this meals-on-wheels phenomenon first take off?

The data that shows up for users are coming from full text Yelp review.  At the moment, there’s no way to compare multiple cities within the same chart, but hopefully something like that will happen soon.  So for the time being, you’ll be able to examine the trends in individual cities.

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