bing_ads_logoFor those SEOs who are on Mac, it looks like your prayers may have been answered.  Bing Ads Editor for Mac is coming soon.  The tool has been built and is geared up for beta testing.

Last Thursday, Bing Ads had announced the news and gave a demo of the latest version at an industry event in Redmond, WA.  There has been a number of Mac users who have dreamed of the day they could manage their Bing Ads campaigns on the desktop.  Now, they don’t have to dream anymore.

It certainly makes you wonder why Bing has waited this long to make a Mac version of their editor.

With this version of the tool, users can manage multiple accounts and download campaign data for any number of accounts simultaneously from the accounts manager window.  If you want to work on a specific account, you can open it in a separate window.  If you have multiple windows open with individual accounts open in each window, you can drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste to each of those accounts.

The latest navigation allows things like local targets and sitelinks that are accessible within one click from the account window and shows the number of entities of each type.  This is very similar to the navigation in AdWords Editor 11.

The Mack version of the Editor will be available Summer of 2016.  There will be an open beta period sometime early next year ahead of the official release of the tool.

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