TripAdvisor has been added to the Yext Knowledge Engine location data management platform.  Not only that, last month, Yext rolled out a new conversational interface for content and local data updates, which the company calls Knowledge Assistant.

With this TripAdvisor integration, restaurant operators are now able to manage a range of attributes through Yext’s dashboard, such as hours and menus.  Company customers will be able to access TripAdvisor analytics and monitor reviews in the dashboard.

In April, Yext introduced a conversational way  to check account information and update listings using text messaging on Facebook Messenger.  The Knowledge Assistant allows customers to change hours, add photos, update a featured message, and access analytics and reviews information.

There are a number of examples of they types of updates that customers can provide or question that can be asked with the Knowledge Assistant:

  • “Update my hours.”
  • “Update my Featured Message.”
  • “Add a photo.”
  • “Update my Facebook profile photo.”
  • “Update my Google cover photo.”
  • “Show me my hours.”
  • “Show me my analytics.”
  • “What’s my average rating?”
  • “How many reviews do I have?”

To Yext, this tool is seen partially as a way to provide more immediacy and accuracy at the local level to frachisees and local managers or agents.  There are also company partners who work with independent small businesses, which have have been seen to be more engaged and responsive when they’re able to use mobile devices or text messaging versus email and the desktop.

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