Yoast has released version 12.1 of its WordPress plugin. With this update, several new features have been added, including adding your favorite custom favicon to the mobile, matches Google’s font sizes on desktop search results, and even new schema filters.

By having an accurate preview of your mobile and desktop listings, you can get a better idea of what your customers see before they click through. This could help optimize your snippets, as well as encourage them to click on your results.

The new filters that came with this update can be used to control your schema output and provide searchers with pertinent information about your brand.

Yoast 12.1 also adds the following filters for more granular control over schema output:

  • wpseo_schema_organization_social_profiles filters an entity’s social profiles. You can use it to customize social profiles within the Organization schema object.
  • wpseo_schema_company_name and wpseo_schema_company_logo_id filter your company’s name and logo from the theme options if it hasn’t been designated in Yoast SEO’s settings.
  • wpseo_enable_structured_data_blocks disables Yoast’s structured data block editor blocks.

SourceGeorge Nguyen