With Yoast’s 11.1 SEO plugin update, image and video Schema enhancements have been implemented into their service.

Even though it won’t necessarily improve your ranking by adding Schema, it can at least enhance the way your results appear. Google is showing more images in web search results, which means that if you add the appropriate markup, it can improve the odds that your images will appear in corresponding searches. This will ultimately help bring in more site traffic.

And as such, videos can appear in SERPs within a carousel or in their own sections. If you take the time to designate an attractive thumbnail, add a good description and fill the rest of the metadata, you’ll be able to attract more traffic.

Unfortunately, adding Schema markup can be arduous, and on top of that, you had to have specialized knowledge on the matter, but now, there are tools being developed that makes the process easier. In this case, it would make sense marking up your content to help search engines make sense of it.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool validating code generated by the Video SEO plugin.

SourceGeorge Nguyen