Support for structured data continues to be added by Yoast SEO with its 11.2 update. This newest plugin version lets webmasters insert their own pieces of schema into Yoast’s graph, filter out pieces they don’t want to show to search engines, as well as add or delete social profiles.

With structured data, search engines can make sense of website content and is used to generate rich results. Search engine rankings may not be improved, but it could enhance how your listings appear in SERPs. Being able to dictate what structured data gets shown to search engines can provide more flexibility that can be utilized to customize how your content is presented to searchers.

With this newest Yoast update, webmasters can add to the schema graph with the wpseo_schema_graph_pieces filter.

The new wpseo_schema_needs_<class_name> filter lets you disable or enable particular parts of the graph.

The wpseo_schema_person_social_profiles filter can be used to add or remove social profiles.

The first image in a piece of content is now automatically picked to be placed in the schema output (that’s assuming a featured image isn’t set). A filter is also included for adding posts with custom post statuses to the sitemap, and there were some general bug fixes included in the update as well.

SourceGeorge Nguyen