In Yoast SEO’s newest update, it is enhancing its FAQ blocks by automatically generating structured data to accompany questions and answers. With this upate, some UX improvements is introduced, as well as addressing issues with AMP pages when viewed in Reader mode.

This update is only compatible with the WordPress block editor. Webmasters start by selecting the FAQ block, adding a question, inputting the answer and an image (if applicable) and repeating the process for all frequently asked questions.

The Yoast FAQ block.

The corresponding FAQpage structured data will be generated in the background and added to Yoast’s structured data graph. This might help search engines identify your FAQ page and figure out how it fits into the overall scheme of your site.

Also, there is a new action and filter that is introduced into this update, making this integration more flexible. The wpseo_pre-schema_block-type_<block-type> lets you adjust the graph output based the blocks on the page and the wpseo_schema_block_<block-type> filter enables you to filter graph output on a per-block basis.

Yoast even linked the SEO and readability scores in the Classic Editor and relocated the Focus keyphrase field to the top of the meta box and sidebar to make it easier to find. They also fixed issues with AMP pages when viewed in Reader mode.

SourceGeorge Nguyen