google-adwords-redwhite-1920There have been a couple update announcements coming out of Google on Tuesday, September 13 that center around accessing AdWords accounts.

With these updates, rather than having to use multiple email logins to get into different AdWords accounts, you can use one login for up to five accounts.  This even works for manager (MCC) accounts as well.

According to the support page, there’s going to be a new “Manage AdWords accounts” option to choose from on the drop-down menu when you click on your customer ID/email in the upper right corner in AdWords.  After that, you’ll see a list of accounts that is associated with that email login, as well as having the option to ad new ones.

This is unlike the account switcher, which was introduced a couple years back that allowed you to sign into to multiple accounts without having to sign in and out by clicking “Ad Google Account” in the dropdown.

Something else that is being down away with is the need to confirm user invitations to AdWords accounts.  If an account manager invites a user, they’ll immediately have access to the account without having for manager confirmation.

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