You Can Now Send Places From Your Browser To The iPhone In Google Maps 4.7 Update

Recently, there has been a new version of Google Maps (4.7.0) for iOS that has been released.  In this newest version of of Google Maps, users have the ability to send locations from the PC to their i-devices.  Even though users already have the ability to save places on the desktop and pick them up on their iPhones,  this is a cross-device integration that is going to be quite useful.

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You’ll be prompted, once the new version of the app has been installed, to turn on notifications (this is assuming you haven’t done this already).  After this, you’ll see from the the browser version of Google Maps, a prompt that asks you to “send to device.”  Once you click on this, a notification will immediately appear on your i-device.  Once you tap that notification, the i-device version of Google Maps will take you to that destination.

Even though the option was technically available before the update, this new way allows for an easier, fewer step process for getting your destinations over to your phone.

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