Video-Reel-and-Film-CanisterWith the idea that content marketing is on the rise,(it’s still a shame guest blogging has gone down) wouldn’t it be awesome if there was something you could do to make your videos go viral?  Well, I think we maybe in luck.  Moz, who looks to always be coming up with some new little tool or service that can help SEOs and marketers out in their efforts, has come up with another one.

For those interested in video content, and who would love to see their videos go viral, Moz has created MozWorthy, a tool that helps you out in your content marketing efforts.

What is MozWorthy?  In short, it’s a tool that, with a minimal amount of effort on your end, will help create a more compelling video title, give your video more enhancements to make it more awesome, and ultimately increase your social shares.

Check it out by following the link entitled Original Moz Post below.

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