google-thumbSo you’ve been working hard to build up your business website, and you’ve been watching both the traffic and conversions steadily climb in your analytics.  Your site is ranking highly on Google, things couldn’t be going any better.  But suddenly, one day, you log in to check up on how things are going, and you find that what was once a high-rank web site, you see that its now substantially dropped on Google.  What’s going on?

Losing position on your keywords can trigger a panic, even if it isn’t permanent.  But, most of the time, did you know it’s possible that you can find out exactly what the reason was for the drop?

After finding out what caused the rank drop, you can determine what actions to take to recover.   has written up a 10-point checklist on Search Engine Land that you should run through if you ever encounter a loss of positioning.

Just follow the link below to see Ian’s list!

Search Engine Land: Suffering a Ranking Drop?  Use This Checklist To Diagnose Why