youtube-iconsbkgd-1920-800x450If you are a brand, and you like keeping up with the latest trends of advertising, this may be interesting to you.  Brands can now promote YouTube’s relatively new 360-degree video format in TrueView ads.

YouTube began supporting 360-degree video uploads back in March, and are possible with the use of compatible 360 degree video cameras.  These TrueView ads can be viewed in both Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS.  If you click the icon in the ad on computer, or by simply moving a phone around, users can change the view of what’s happening in the video.

The company says that by using 360-degree videos, they can help deliver a higher amount of consumer engagement than traditional video ads.  I will admit, playing around with a 360-degree video is much more entertaining than a normal one.

Coca-Cola created a video with 360-degree in mind to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of its bottle design, and Google says that when the video ran as a TrueView ad, it outperformed standard in-stream video ad view-through rates by 38 percent.

Bud Light became the first advertiser in the US who ran TrueView ads with 360-degree video.  In the video, viewers were placed in the middle of three events from the brand’s Whatever, USA event, including the welcome parade, a DJ-ed performance by Diplo and a 1920s themed party.

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