In the near future, AdWord API users will have the ability to target, report and manage connected TV targeting for YouTube campaigns.

On January 8, the AdWords API capabilities for TV targeting will become available.  With the API, “ConnectedTV” will appear as a new platform name along side desktop, tablet and movile with an ID of 30004. Connected TV reporting via the API can be accessed with the Device segment named CONNECTED_TV.

Connected TV inventory targeting was opened up by Google this fall.  “TV screens” was added as a device type for ad targeting Display & Video 360 in October and quietly rolled it out in Google Ads in mid-November.  Basically, all YouTube TrueView and bumper ad campaigns will now target connected TV inventory automatically.

TV screen devices type targets YouTube channel inventory on smart TVs, set top boxes, gaming consoles and streaming devices, like Chromecast, Roku and AppleTV.

Although there won’t be a breakdown between the types of connected TV devices your ads appear on, you will still see which YouTube channel content your video ads appeared along on TV screens by segmenting the Where Ads Showed placement report by device.

Bid modifiers work for the TV screens device type just as they do for the other device platforms — desktop, mobile and tablet — ranging from -90% to +900%.

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