YoutubeOn YouTube’s Brandcast event that happened on May 2016, CEO Susan Wojcicki had announced a new “Breakout Videos” ad package, which is the site’s latest Offering on the Google Preferred ad network.

“With the launch of Google Preferred Breakout Videos in the US, brands can be there alongside the next breakout star,” claims YouTube.

According to to Wojcicki, the new Breakout Videos ad package is going to be giving brands access to the “hottest and fastest-rising videos” on YouTube.

Users will be able to make use of the Breakout Video ad package by buying them programmatically via DoubleClick Bid Manager.  In the announcement, Google noted on the YouTube blog that all video campaign programmatic buys will soon be made in one place through DoubleClick Bid Manager.

To read more about what YouTube has said during their event, you can read the blog by following the link below:

YouTube brings Sesame Street’s Big Bird & the NBA Commissioner on stage at #Brandcast.

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