The number of subscribers YouTube is requiring for access to Channel Memberships to 50,000, which is a reversal from the 100,000 threshold, which was set in June.

Originally called Sponsorships, the YouTube Channel Memberships program will let creators offer $4.99-per-month subscriptions to their channels.  This lets paid subscribers have access to account badges, emojis, members-only posts in the Community tab, as well as exclusive content from creators.  With this updates, creators who are trying to grow a loyal fan base on YouTube are given the opportunity to monetize their channel beyond ads.

So, why should we care?

With the Channel Memeberships, creators are offered a way to monetize their content beyond simple YouTube ads.  An example, found on the source for this post,

Wintergatan, a Swedish instrumental band and designers of the Marble Machine musical instrument, is a success story. The band reportedly increased revenue more than 50 percent using Channel Memberships. The channel’s creators, which currently has more than 1 million subscribers, are also using Channel Memberships to provide perks like early access to tickets for concert tours or free tickets to long-term members.

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