Why The YouTube Keyword Tool Is So Amazing For Link Building

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Youtube-for-ios-app-icon-full-sizeKeywords were always pretty useful in SEO.  In that frame of mind, who’d have thought that YouTube keywords could be useful as well?  After all, who uses YouTube to advertise?  A number of people never really thought about making videos that would help create stir for a product or service, so why think of YouTube keywords as a viable source?

Just like Julie Joyce says, never mind if you can get keywords and easily import them into Google AdWords for your PPC campaigns.  You can find some pretty nice search terms that will help you locate some nice sites on the web.  We’re talking about sites that aren’t loaded with link requests or are chalk full of paid links.

For this article, Julie explains why she feels that using YouTube keywords can be a hot bed of opportunity for people.  To read more about her thoughts on the matter, check out her article on Search Engine Land by following the link below:

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