On April 14, Google announced that it has made its free YouTube Builder available for beta access. This tool allows businesses to animate static assets, such as text, images and logos, with music and transition for ads on YouTube.

By making the YouTube Video Builder available for free, businesses who don’t have much in the way of multimedia experiences or resources to create quick video ads. This can be good for established brands and agencies as well, as it can be used for quickly testing new messaging and assets.

With the coronavirus pandemic going on right now, this will enable brands and agencies stay fresh in the minds of their customers since in-person video shoots are probably not an option.

Users must sign up to request access to the Video Builder beta.

Videos can be either 6 or 15 seconds in length.

Video customization options include layouts, colors, fonts and the ability to add a logo and integrate music from YouTube’s free audio library.

SourceGeorge Nguyen