YoutubeYouTube is primed to accept even more marketers on and teach them how to be a YouTube star.

The video service is opening up an online version the the already three-year-old YouTube Brand Partner Program that is meant to teach marketers to produce videos, work with established stars of YouTube, run ads, and basically mange a brand’s presence on YouTube.

With the online version of the Brand Partner Program, it seems that it’s aimed at agencies.  The offline version of the program is geared more towards marketers.  The original program ran employees from brands such as Taco Bell, Ford, Samsung and Visa through three-day bootcamps that was held at the offices of YouTube.  There were speaking sessions with top creators and video network executives, actives for the marketers to get some hands-on experience creating videos for the platform.

Any enrolled agencies will be able to take online lessons from YouTube stars, and will be available in 22 languages as part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to get more global markets to support its global creators.

Agencies can participate in the program by contacting their Google/YouTube sales reps for more information.  They can even fill out an invite request forms online.  Keep in mind though that the program is still in beta.  Right now, Google/YouTube is trying to figure out how many agencies that it can get initially on board.  Ultimately though, according to a YouTube spokesperson, the plan is to open it up to all agencies around the world.

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