youtube-iconsbkgd-1920-800x450Shopping ad formats for retailer by YouTube are now out of beta, and are now available to all advertisers in AdWords.

TrueView for Shopping and Hopping ads on YouTube can be set up directly in the AdWords UI.  Understandably, the product names are a bit confusing, so here is what they offer:

TrueView for Shopping was first introduced in May, and allows merchants to show shopping ads for their own products in their own videos.  Any related products are shown dynamically, and are pulled from advertisers’ Google Merchant Center product feeds.

YouTube expanded Shopping Ads beyond retailers’ own videos in October.  If you want to begin showing Shopping ads in contextually relevant YouTube videos, Go to the campaign settings tab and opt your Shopping campaigns in AdWords into Search Partners.


If you’re already familiar with YouTube Shopping campaigns, then you’re already golden, as the format is exactly the same – Shopping ads appear in cards along the right side of videos on desktop and tablets and below videos on smartphones.

These two options are both open to all advertisers in the AdWords UI.  Advertisers are able to now set up video campaigns based on objective, similar to the guided set-up for display campaigns in AdWords.

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