youtube-iconsbkgd-1920-800x450For those fans of football, I’m sure you’re all excited by the fact that the Super Bowl is this upcoming Sunday.  YouTube has come out with a reminder that it’s where people spend their time check out all of the commercials and teasers that advertisers have already come out with.

According to YouTube, it’s seen almost 200 years worth of viewing so far this year.  The company has said that the official Super Bowl ads and teasers have racked up over 140 million views, which is over half of which have happened on mobile devices.

As we already know, YouTube has been at (unofficial) war with Facebook for video views, but YouTube would like to make sure everybody knows how much time people watch videos on its platform, not just the number of videos actually viewed.  More than likely, if you were to ask about the data that shows Facebook getting slightly more video views of Super Bowl commercials, more than likely, YouTube would tell you that Facebook auto-plays their videos, which artificially inflates their views, where as YouTube’s videos are played manually.  Also, a Facebook view is counted after only three seconds, where as a YouTube video view is counted after 30 seconds.

Here are the most-viewed Super Bowl ads/teasers so far on YouTube:

  1. Hyundai – The Chase – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2017 Hyundai Elantra
  2. Pokémon – #Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial
  3. Pepsi – Jerry Rice and Shannon Sharpe Party Fail Study | Walmart | Pepsi
  4. AXE – AXE – Find Your Magic
  5. TurboTax – TurboTax 2016 Commercial “George Smoot Simple Questions” (Official :30) TV Ad
  6. TurboTax – TurboTax 2016 Commercial “Michio Kaku Absolute Zero” (Official :30) TV Ad
  7. UnitedHealthcare – UnitedHealthcare | Delivery :30
  8. – Kung Fu Panda’s Po Discovers the Power of Wix | #StartStunning 2016 Big Game Campaign
  9. TurboTax – TurboTax 2016 Commercial “S. James Gates W-2” (Official :30) TV Ad
  10. MINI USA – MINI USA | #DefyLabels Big Game TV Spot

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