Several new features were recently launched by YouTube that gives creators access to more data, and even more control over ads.

Some of them launched months ago, but somehow, creators had no idea they came out.

A video was uploaded by Creator Insider on YouTube, reminding people about these updates.

Notification Analytics

YouTube creators have access to a new set of data that can help ensure bell notifications are sent out without error.

Creators can see how many of their subscribers received a bell notification, and how many of them clicked on it. Data will display ho many video views were received as a direct result of these bell notifications.

If, for some reason, bell notifications aren’t sent out to 100% of subscribers, possible explanations will be provided by YouTube.

Mid-Roll Ad Editor

The newest version of YouTube Creator Studio has a mid-roll ad editor that allows creators to place ads in their videos manually.

Creators wil also have the option to let YouTube automatically place mid-roll ads on its own. YouTube will try placing ads where they feel natural to the viewer, such as a pause in the video.

Old YouTube Studio Going Away Soon

The classic version of YouTube Studio is being removed for all users in the coming weeks. Already, it has gone away for 10% of creators, and soon, it’ll be 100%.

Any creator who is still using the old version is missing out on the new features. Creators are advised to get used to the new interface as soon as possible before the old version goes away.

SourceMatt Southern