An update has been made to the penalty system for creators by YouTube who break content policies.  Beginning on February 25, any creator who violates content rules will first receive a warning before getting a strike, and the offending content will be removed.  There won’t be any other penalty on the channel.

According to YouTube, 94 percent of creators who get a first strike for breaking content policies never get a second strike.  With this new warning system, marketers on the platform who unintentionally violate a content policy won’t have that “first strike” on their record.  Rather, they’ll simply get a one-time warning the first time content is posted that goes against the Community Guidelines.  The offending content will be removed, and the channel won’t receive any other penalties.

For creators who violate policies after they receive a warning, YouTube’s three-strike penalty system goes into effect:

  • The first strike will include a one-week freeze on the ability to upload new YouTube content.
  • The second strike during any 90-day period involves a two-week freeze on uploading content. After the third strike during a 90-day period, the creator’s channel will be terminated.
  • For warnings, there is no 90-day reset. One warning is all creators get, and, as YouTube reports, the large majority of creators do not violate community guidelines a second time.

Not only that, YouTube is making teh penalty for violating content policies consistent across all violations.  What this means is that the same penalty will be handed out for all violations to video content, Stories, custom thumbnails, or links to other websites included in a video’s description or info card.

  • YouTube is also updating the email and desktop notifications with more details on which policy was violated and adding mobile and in-product content violation notifications.

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