Here’s something odd – According to a number of executives in the advertising in the advertising and entertainment industries, influencer marketing platform FameBit has been oddly quiet since being acquired by Google’s YouTube one year ago.  One agency exec even said that they hadn’t heard from theme since going over to YouTube.  But now, the company is getting ready to break the silence.

“Definitely we’re being strategic in the sense that we want to get it right. We have a lot of things in store for creators that we want to get right,” said FameBit co-founder Agnes Kozera when asked about the company’s low profile post-acquisition.

The rationale behind the purchase of FameBit by YouTube seemed obvious.  In order to fend off the companies trying to woo its video creators, such as Facebook and Twitter, Google’s video service had to better incentivize those creators to stay.  There’s only so much you can do with receiving a cut of the video’s ad revenue.  And to make matters worse, YouTube began de-monitizing more videos following the “adpocalypses” that scared off many major advertisers earlier this year.

There are things that seems to have changed at FameBit since they were bought out, while others stayed the same.  The company’s product has developed, especially with its tie-ins with YouTube and Google.

One of the biggest moves since the acquisition has hiring Beau Avril, the former head of Google Preferred, to be FameBit’s global had of sales and commercialization.

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