YouTube’s Top 100 Brands Report: Monthly Views Up 55% For Branded Video Content

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YoutubeYouTube, in its first ever report on branded video content, says that video views for the top 100 brands have nearly doubled during the last 12 months.  YouTube’s monthly views of branded content are up 55 percent since 2014.

While focusing on Intebrand’s top 100 brands, YouTube worked with their marketing firm, Pixability to analyze how the top brands have been performing. The data suggests that branded content has been generating a total of more than 40 billion views over all time.  18 billion of these views were happening during the last year.

According to YouTube, the top 100 brands have uploaded a total of 611,000 videos to date.  10 percent of these videos have a running time of over ten minutes long.

In terms of content, 10% of brand videos posted to YouTube in the last year are over 10 minutes long. This indicates that brands are creating made-for-YouTube content, which tends to perform better than repurposed material.

–From Adwords Agency Blog
In the report, Thursday appeared to be the most popular day of the week for brands to upload their videos.
In good news for brands, channel subscriptions are climbing 47 percent, year over year since 2014.  The research that YouTube did revealed that the top 100 brands own 2,434 channels.  This averages to about 2.43 channels per brand.  The total number of subscribers that the top 100 brand channels have come to 73 million subscribers.
Engagement within these videos from the top 100 brands have earned
  • 90 million total likes
  • 8.9 million dislikes
  • 16 million comments

Here are the insights from the top 100 brands on YouTube:


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