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Google Launches Special Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals Ad Unit

In order to assist retail advertisers increase their exposure for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year, a new experiment was launched by Google with promotion extensions in Google Ads. Between now and November 27, Google might serve a specific Black Friday promotion ad format when people search for the following Black Friday [...]

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Bing Ads Now Supports 3rd Headline, 2nd Description In Text Ads

There were a number of folks who, on early Thursday, noticed that Bing Ads began supporting a third headline and a second description (ad text), who followed Google’s move to give regular expanded text ads the same number of characters as its responsive search ads. In August, the optional third line and second description was added by Google [...]

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Google Testing YouTube Movie Trailer Videos In Ads On

A carousel for ads was spotted by some folks at SEMrush spotted for new movie trailers showing in Google search on Thursday The ad units (which have the "Ads" icon by them) features movie trailers hosted on YouTube in a carousel.  The ads each have a thumbnail image from the trailer with the video length overlayed, the [...]

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Google Now Shows Dynamic Search Ad Performance Aggregated By Landing Page

In your Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) campaigns, advertisers can now see the best- and worst-performing landing pages. The landing page report aggregates page performance across all search terms that triggered it.  You can find the report under the Search Terms tab of the dynamic ad targets section in a DSA campaign in the Google Ads interface. [...]

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How To Use IF Functions To Speak To Different Audiences

In a previous Search Engine Land written by Joe Martinez, about business data feeds, he discussed how he used ad customizers to implement value-focused ad copy.  Now, Joe chose to show us another favorite ad customizer that he feels is underutilized.  In this case, he's talking about IF functions. According to Joe: IF functions are another way [...]

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Structuring Paid Search Campaigns: Segmentation vs. Aggregation

Structuring paid search campaigns, as we know, can be subjective process, and the path to the best structure is usually paved with best practices, as well as tactical preference. End the end though, the goal is to achieve a structure that allows for optimal end-user experience, as well as gathering sufficient data to make the [...]

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