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Are you an online storefront looking to generate more revenue and traffic to your website with SEO? Consider looking into hiring an eCommerce SEO consultant. But what is SEO, and how can it benefit your business?

SEO Can Benefit eCommerce

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a process that researches, compares, and catalogs the most common keywords used by a search engine to represent a product, service, or industry accurately.

To be less technical, SEO helps companies score higher on a search engine, meaning they will appear closer to the front page of search engines. The search engine will look for keywords and show results based on the keywords it found. An example would be if you typed in "online shoe store."

For an eCommerce website, having an SEO eCommerce consultant can ensure that your storefront takes priority over others with practical keyword usage, page optimization, and more.

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The Benefits of SEO Optimization

The benefits of eCommerce SEO are higher client acquisition, increased ad revenue, and targeted marketing.

Client Acquisition

When you hire an eCommerce SEO consultant, the first step will be to optimize your website and storefront to acquire more clients. It is done by optimizing keywords and content so that when a search engine reads the information on your website, they will match what the client is typing into the search engine and recommend your storefront on the front page.

Clients tend to choose whatever appears first on the web page, with the number of clients decreasing each subsequent search engine page. By investing in an eCommerce SEO consultant, you can ensure that you're acquiring the most significant amount of clients by putting yourself on the front page of the search engine or close to it.

Increased Ad Revenue

You probably have advertisements on your website, and those advertisements help you earn a tidy profit if clients click on them or see them. An eCommerce SEO consultant will know how to optimize SEO to ensure clients visiting your website can see the ads and increase your revenue through growing traffic to your storefront.

Targeted Marketing

One of the most significant benefits of eCommerce SEO is targeted marketing. An eCommerce SEO consultant can help you identify keywords that can optimize your content for better tracking in certain areas. You can target local clients depending on your brand's reach.

For example, suppose you sell American products to European markets. In that case, you will want an eCommerce SEO consultant to identify the keywords that would help you optimize your page to appear on a search engine if someone typed "American cars near me."

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Thrive’s ability to support all aspects of website development from conception to completion to management of day-to-day has allowed EleVen’s eCommerce business to experience rapid growth and created an overall wonderful shopping experience for our customers.

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[Thrive] is extremely responsive to requests and thorough in deliverables... listens well to needs and makes every effort to tie solutions to the stated needs or objectives!