Law Firm SEO

Project Details


  • Burned through two previous SEO firms and cannot get traction on Google
  • Organic website traffic is under 300 visits per month – yet it’s the best it’s been in years.
  • Average only 7 phone calls and 3 website (form) leads per month – no cases attributed to these leads

Most of the partner attorneys had decided to give up on the web entirely. They felt their prior investment in SEO and PPC was completely wasted.

Project Scope:

  • Evaluate website for SEO opportunities on their targeted subjects
  • Assess PPC environment and associated costs (PPC costs can get exceptionally high for law firms)
  • Project included:
    1. SEO and PPC Assessment
    2. Social Media Discovery and Strategy Plan
    3. Lead Gen strategy discovery and planning
    4. Ongoing monthly growth campaign


  • Designed ongoing SEO campaign to foster organic growth
  • Created small targeted PPC campaign for highly targeted case types
  • Implemented lead generation strategy and added improved phone tracking
  • Implemented Social Media strategy. Trained internal source for hand-off prior to project end
  • Upgraded and verified analytic accuracy

Cost and Final Results:

  • Project included 2-week Assessment, plus ongoing SEO and PPC management and Social Media oversight
  • Total cost for 24 month project $50,400 (Avg $2,100/mo)
  • Resulted in:
    • 627% increase in #1 organic rankings (94 #1 positions at project close)
    • 1500% increase in Top 10 organic rankings (697 Top 10 positions at project close)
    • Increased targeted organic visits from average of 470/month to 1,670/month after 12 months of project… and an average of 4660/month by project close (24 months)
  • Leads increased to an average of 35 phone calls and 42 lead forms per month
  • 7 cases have been attributed to search traffic, at least two of which went to court and resulted in over 7-figure wins for the firm
Rftmlaw seo chart