Technology SEO & Pay-per-Click

Project Details


  • Consumer electronics company preparing go-to market strategy for new Android kids tablet
  • Need to build online exposure and prepare for online and brick and mortar launch
  • Need to tie online efforts to television ads launching 3 weeks prior to shelf date

We had been working with client on online brand building of their overall product lines for nearly a year prior to this product launch, so we were familiar with their audience and marketing strategies.

Project Scope:

  • Prepare ecommerce portion of website to highlight new product
  • Build SEO friendly pages related to product and targeted search queries
  • Create targeted Pay-per-Click campaigns to
    1. Pull competitor searches over to expose new product
    2. Target general kid-friendly tablet market
    3. Tie directly to focus and messaging of television commercial to capture convergence leads


  • Created SEO foundation to support all other marketing efforts
  • Launched multi-focused Pay-per-Click campaigns to cast wide net over market
  • Created environment to choose online consumer purchase or local retail lookup for in-person purchase options

Cost and Final Results:

  • Project included 2-month preparation and build up, plus 3-month actual campaign run
  • Total cost for 5 month project $30,000 (Avg $6,000/mo)
  • Resulted in:
    • Pre-orders met projections before launch date
    • Direct orders exceeded forecasts by 143% by second month
    • Opened two additional factories to try to meet product demand
  • Couldn’t keep up with demand and pulled all marketing after 3 months in market
  • In 3-months the tablet sold out online and in retailers across the US
  • Generated $1.3M in online sales, and estimated $18M retail location sales