Everything a Glass Business Needs

Thrive Business Marketing is a preferred vendor in the auto and flat glass industries.  We have put together the perfect set of services below, just for locally-focused glass clients.

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Managed Glass Websites

We offer a variety of no-hassle website designs, which are customized to your liking. No one likes a large up front fee, ongoing (expensive) needs for developer help, security issues, hosting, etc.

Instead, we offer fully managed websites for a low monthly fee. These websites are custom for you – and they include absolutely everything; like premium hosting, security, daily backups, platform and plugin updates, and regular maintenance.  If you already have a website… Great! But if not, we have the perfect low-cost solution for you!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO differs greatly between businesses. However, because we have deep experience in the flat and auto glass industries, we already know the top traffic, and conversion, driving keywords.  We just need to focus on your geographical location, and those pesky competitors.

We’ll employ appropriate local SEO tactics to gain success in local glass search listings.  All of our SEO campaigns also automatically include Local Listings ($99/mo value).  As an added bonus, we offer a 27% discount to companies associated with our glass industry partners. Ask for details.

Local Glass Business Listings

You’ve probably heard of Google Maps, Superpages, and other online directories. But did you know the accuracy and consistency of these listings are critical to your local SEO success?  Our Local Listings system ensures you are listed on 25 top local directories to start, and over 100 directories over time.

We verify listings exist, add them where necessary, and verify accuracy across the board.  This increases your overall exposure online AND improves your organic rankings.

Review Builder

Reviews are critically important!  For one, search engines now use reviews as a determining factor of ranking your website above or below an auto or flat glass competitor. Also, consumers pay close attention to reviews. You need to make sure you have good reviews – and a lot of them. And yet, positive reviews can be incredibly hard to come by.

Our Review Building system makes the process simple and successful, and can put you on top of the glass search listings, with review-stars in your search result (organic and paid ads), significantly increasing the likelihood of you getting that customer’s business.

Paid Ads and YELP Ads

Paid ads can be a great source of leads for an auto or flat glass company. We offer traditional Pay-per-Click online advertising through Google Adwords and Bing, as well as social media ads through Facebook and other channels.

For local businesses, there’s really no better place to advertise than on Yelp! Yelp Local Ads provide the greatest auto and home service leads we’ve seen from any online ad channel.  And as one of only a handful of Yelp Certified Ad partners, Thrive can offer benefits that you can’t get through Yelp directly. Find out more about our Yelp program here.

Purchased Leads

In addition, or as an alternative, to pay-per-click advertising, we also offer Purchased Leads for the Auto Glass industry.  For as little as $60 per lead, we will deliver high-quality, exclusive leads – straight to your phone.

These leads are found through organic and paid advertising, and we utilize tracking phone numbers to record all calls.  These calls are sent directly to you when someone is actively calling, so they are the most immediate and high-quality leads available online.

Social Media Management

Social Media has become one of the most important places for a business to be, online.  And yet, many local glass businesses don’t know how to properly manage social media.  And frankly, they just don’t have the time to deal with it.

We offer fully-managed social media campaigns, so your business can thrive in the social scene, and you barely have to lift a finger. We employ content writers and social media experts to learn and monitor your business, and create fun, informative, and/or engaging posts that will make your brand shine!

Glass Business Social Server

If you’re not in the market for a fully-managed social media campaign, or you prefer to manage it yourself, we offer an amazing social media management portal, customized just for glass industry businesses.  Our GlassBusiness.social social server will make your life 1000% easier for managing all of your social channels. Write it once – Post it everywhere. Schedule your posts, and create amazing memes and images, all in one place.

To make it even more useful, we’ve built in auto and flat glass images, as well as coded in several industry news sources through RSS feeds – making it super-easy for you to grab industry images and news/content to share or post as you like.

Business Named Email

Do you currently have a business-named email?  For instance, if you own abc-glassco.com, do you have an email address like [email protected]?  Or like so many, do your emails look like [email protected], or some other non-professional formatted email?

It may seem like a simple thing, but impression is important – and having a comcast, gmail, hotmail, or other such email address for your business does not portray a high level or professionalism.

Let us help.  Thrive is a Google G Suite Partner. We can create your business-named emails with ease, for only $5 per user (paid to Google).  You can set up an account on your own here, or have us do it for you. We may also be able to hook you up with 20% off your first year of email rates through G Suite.  It’s time to step up your game. Especially when getting your business-named email is SO easy!

Why Does Your Business Need a Glass Business Marketing Agency?

You can hire an online marketing agency in just about any town across America. But wouldn’t you prefer working with a firm who understands your business, and your audience?

Scott Orth, Founder and President of Thrive, worked with GTS/PGW/PPG and dozens of GTS Services customers for more than a decade, bringing extensive flat and auto glass marketing expertise to the Thrive marketing team.

Don’t trust your marketing and business growth opportunities to just anyone. We have worked hard to bring tools, services, and expertise together – perfect for glass industry businesses, especially with a localized focus.

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