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Promotion Extensions Now Available in Microsoft Advertising

With the launch of promotion extensions, advertisers will be able to highlight deals, sales, promotions, or discounts directly from the Bing search engine results pages. These extensions allow advertisers to choose from different occasions for their promotion, like Summer Sale, Back To School, Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Advertisers will then be able to add [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Promotion Extensions Are Now Available For The Holidays

Promotion extensions are now available for Microsoft Advertising accounts, but only in the US. These extensions will allow you to select from events or occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Microsoft said that: "Promotion Extensions allow you to highlight a special offer or a special deal in your text ad. Additionally, you can tie your deal [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Adds Brand Safety With IAS Partnership

On September 28, in an announcement, Microsoft Advertising has partnered up with Integral Ad Science in order to bring brand safety verification to native ads running on the Microsoft Audience Network. With this integration, inventory will be evaluated before the ad auction begins, meaning that this is a pre-bid integration. As per the Microsoft Blog: [...]

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This Year, Going Back To School Will Be Very Different

Ever since the pandemic, we have found that our original sense of normality has isn't going to work anymore. Everything is different, and will be so for the foreseeable future. This includes back-to-school. When it comes to heading back to school, things will have to be different. The way things are handled will depend on [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Editor Has Been Updated With Campaign-Level Targeting And Recommendations

Microsoft Advertising announced Wednesday that Microsoft Advertising Editor users can use AI-powered recommendations and campaign-level associations, which can optimize campaign performance and make bulk campaign management easier. Recommendations Using AI, the Recommendations feature will "automatically provide recommendations that will improve your bids, keywords, and ads, boosting the overall effectiveness of your campaigns." According to Microsoft Advertising, [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Is Offering Free Stock Images For Audience Ads

If you are an advertiser who uses Microsoft Adverting, and you're wanting more images to use for your search campaigns, you are in luck. On July 21, Microsoft Advertising announced a partnership with Shutterstock that makes over 320 million images available for search campaigns on Microsoft's platform. This will be rolling out for the US [...]

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