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Microsoft’s New Outings App Aims To Help Travelers Find Their Next Destinations

A new travel app has been released by Microsoft, called Outings, for iOS and Android.  The app, which was created by the Microsoft Garage Project, curates travel-specific content and images to assist users in finding potential travel destinations. “Whether you’re looking for a fun hike near town or planning your next vacation destination, often the hardest [...]

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Actions on Google: Building Assistant Actions using API.AI

Learn more from the documentation at our developer site: Google+ Actions on Google Developers Community: Join Sachit Mishra ( for a screencast on building a Conversation Action for Actions on Google using API.AI. API.AI is a developer platform for building conversational experiences for products and services. Developers are adding natural language understanding (NLU) [...]

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Google Maps APIs and Coffee with Product Manager Ken Hoetmer

In this episode of Google Developers' Coffee with a Googler, we meet with Ken Hoetmer, one of the first ever users of Google's Maps API, and now a product manager for the Google Maps Services. We talk about how Maps development has matured, and how intelligence in geo data is key. We discuss APIs such as [...]

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The Google My Business API Gets Updated To Version 3.0

The newest version of he Google My Business API, version 3.0 has been released by Google.  Despite its release, Google has yet to be announced by Google.  You can see that version 3.0 has been marked in the changelog and on the new features page. With the release of the original Google My Business API back in December of last year, users [...]

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Yahoo To Close BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) Next Month

This is a sad day for those users who enjoyed using Yahoo BOSS, the build-your-own search service, as Yahoo is set to officially close it down on March 31, 2016.  The services first launched back on July 10, 2008. BOOS allowed developers and non-developers alike the ability to build a simple search service through their search [...]

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Google To Shut Down Several Search APIs In February

Google has announced that they will be closing down a number of their APIs on February 15, 2016. Here are the APIs that will be closing: Google Patent Search API Google News Search API Google Blog Search API Google Video Search API Google Image Search API Back in 2011, Google said that they were going to deprecate [...]

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