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AdMob Mediation – Mobile Ads Garage #9

AdMob mediation is a way for publishers to have multiple networks of advertisers competing to display ads in their apps. It can help maximize your potential revenue and fill rate, but implementing mediation has some drawbacks as well, things like increased app size and higher request latency. In this episode of the Mobile Ads Garage, [...]

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In-App Billing Testing – The Zen of Monetization #9

It's important not to frustrate your user, especially if trying to spend money in your app. This is why testing is important when talking about In-App Billing purchases. Google Play Developer provides several tools that help you test your In-App Billing implementation, like static billing responses, test purchases and tests with real transactions using alpha [...]

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Google App Update Contains AMP Feature And More

On May 27, Google has updated their app (at least for the iOS, but I'm assuming the Android version has been updated as well, but I don't have access to an Android device) to feature some faster ways to access information through the app. What are the features that have been updated in the latest [...]

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App Search – Whiteboard Friday

Just like with mobile, app search is both growing and changing.  There's more opportunity than ever to draw customers in at the top o the funnel, as well as retain them at the bottom.  In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, as it's hosted this week by Tom Anthony and Will Critchlow of Distilled, digs into [...]

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In-App Billing Security – The Zen of Monetization #8

When selling online content, it's important to deliver the correct content to the right user. As you design your In-app Billing implementation, be sure to follow the security and design guidelines. These guidelines are recommended best practices for anyone who is using Google Play's In-app Billing service. For more information about in-app purchase, visit: * [...]

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Is Apple Building AdWords-Like Ad Product For The App Store?

It looks like Apple wants to do what Google is doing, as they are reportedly building a paid-search-style ad product for there App Store.  In a report by Bloomberg, Apple "has constructed a secret team to explore changes to t he App Store, including a new strategy for charging developers to have their apps more prominently [...]

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Is Your App In The Google Index?

Get your app in the Google index — and be ready for the future of search! Try the hands-on codelab at: It was in 1998 that Google set out to index the web and make content easily accessible and discoverable. Today mobile app adoption is growing rapidly and we’re bringing the same accessibility and discoverability [...]

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Secrets to App Success – The Developer Show

Welcome to the Developer Show, where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developers news, straight from the experts. In this video, Timothy Jordan catches up with Purnima Kochikar (Director of Apps and Games / Business Development on Google Play) at the International Women's Day Summit at Google, to chat about [...]

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