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Facebook Extends Video Ad Breaks To 21 More Countries

Facebook is expanding its Ad Breaks ad unit, which are 15 second in-stream video ads, to eligible publishers and creators in 21 more countries.  The ad unit was first launched in August in the US, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and gave publishers and creators a new way to monetize their content.  The latest rollout [...]

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Marketing Compliance Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re a business owner trying to learn about marketing for your organization or someone who is new to the marketing career path, it’s important to find out the basics about marketing compliance. While this might seem a term that refers to just annoying red tape, it is actually an essential element of marketing in [...]

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Ephemeral Video, and Other Hot Marketing Trends You Don’t Understand

Marketing is easily among the most important endeavors for your business, but it is likely one you understand the least. Marketing changes fast, and unless you are closely affiliated with a large and powerful marketing department or firm, you probably don’t have time to track the latest trends. However, if your marketing campaign is even [...]

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Facebook Rolls Out New Security Features For US Political Candidate Pages

Facebook will launch a pilot program to give US political candidates and staff, as well as staff members and representatives from federal and state political party committees, more tools to secure their Pages. Security options will include two-factor authorization and a monitoring process to block potential hacking threats. Campaign marketers and staff will have new [...]

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SEMrush – SEARCH MARKETING SCOOP with David Bain #14

To stay on top of your digital game, you have to keep track of what’s going on in search - be it organic or paid. Google rolls out new features and updates on a daily basis. And to benefit from all the freshest tweaks and have the first-mover advantage, you have to know they exist. [...]

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