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Adobe Adds Attribution IQ, Travel Industry Features And Smart Speaker Targeting

Adobe announced a variety of new improvements, making marketers' lives a lot easier. The company's Analytics Cloud updated its attribution solution with Attribution IQ.  Adobe says that it's the only solution offering ten different models for measuring the impact of different marketing efforts. Senior Product Manager Trevor Paulsen pointed out via email that Analytics has [...]

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Salesforce Adds Interaction Studio, Integration With Google Analytics 360

Salesforce has come out with new features for its Marketing, Commerce and Service Cloud that connect customer interactions even more across the cloud. This was unveiled on June 13,  during the company's Connections event that took place in Chicago.  They include: A Marketing Cloud integration with Google Analytics 360, which is going to be available [...]

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A New Report Bursts The Blockchain Bubble

There is a huge hype bubble surrounding blockchain, and according to a new report, it got popped. The report comes out of the research firm GlobalData, “Blockchain – Thematic Research” [fee required], and it says that the new technology's bubble “will burst in the next two years [and] will have lost much of its gloss by 2025.”  The [...]

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Facebook Faces More Scrutiny, This Time For Sharing User Data With Device Makers

It seems Facebook can't get out of trouble.  The company is, once again, under fire once again for mishandling user data.  This time, it is being charged with Sharing information with at least 60 device makers, including Amazon, Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Microsoft and Samsung. According to reports by The New York Times, since 2007, Facebook has created partnerships [...]

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Common Mistakes And Quick Fixes To Improve Poky Page Speed

There are a number of reasons to improve the speed of your web page loading speed.  One of them is page abandonment. If your pages load slowly and customers leave before seeing your services, how will you grow as a business? Recently, there was a Google study that shows 53 percent of mobile site visitors [...]

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First Forrester Forecast For Marketing Automation Finds It Is Still ‘Early Innings’ For Adoption

Although there is always going to be a lot of hubub over new technologies, the marketing automation platforms workhorse will keep trucking along, doing their jobs. In “Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023 (Global),” which is only available to Forrester clients, which is its first such report on this space, research firm Forrester predicts [...]

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Dynamic Search Ads Are For Amateurs Or Superheroes

Machine learning in AdWords is, believe it or not, the future.  But is Dynamic Search Ads?  Maybe, maybe not, depending on who you ask. There is a column were Daniel Gilbert talks about Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), which is something for people who are generally new to paid search.  Daniel will share some caveats with us: When [...]

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Sendwithus Launches GDPR-Compliant, Cloud-Based Email CMS

On Tuesday, Sendwithus announced the launch of Dyspatch, which is an enterprise-level, cloud-based and GDPR-compliant email content management system (CMS) for transactional emails.So what is Dyspatch?  It is a CMS platform for email that manages workflow, such as building, editing and commenting from a variety of stakeholders.  Once the email is ready to be deployed, it's “exposed via our API,” [...]

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