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5 Rules For Writing Effective Onboarding Emails

When it comes to advice for tech marketers, it rarely covers the words they should be using. It's not really that shocking in a business that takes perverse pride in all the jargon, acronyms and quirky branding.  Brent Sleeper, in an article he wrote about how language and content of great onboarding emails, brings his inner [...]

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Getting To Know Your B2B Tech Buyer

Recently, Josh Aberant examined the challenges of B2B developer marketing, and one of the areas that he touched on was the importance of understanding stakeholders' sometimes divergent "hot buttons."  That went hand-in-hand with a second lesson - you aren't addressing just a single target, but an entire lineup of influencers and decision-makers who ahve a say [...]

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What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Ad Transparency

A foundation of Facebook advertising is the ability to segment your audience to serve relevant, tailored creative to different users. The ad that is served to one person could be very different to another, specifically because you want to communicate with them in different ways.  If there was one ad that went to a 25 [...]

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Google’s New #SmallThanks Hub Automatically Creates Digital & Printed Marketing Assets For SMBs

Google, in a move to help SMBs and drive up its verified business listings, has launched #SmallThanks Hub, which is an online resource that creates customized digital marketing content and printed materials based on Google reviews. “Simply search for your business name on the site, and we’ll automatically create posters, social media posts, window clings, [...]

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Taplytics Now Supports OTT TV App Testing

Taplytics, which makes testing software for mobile apps, is now offering full support for testing Over-The-Top (OTT) TV apps. These apps, like Netflix, CBS or HBO Now, offer TV programs and movies via internet streaming. Taplytics now provides OTT-specfic A/B testing capabilities for those apps on Android TV, Apple TV or Amazon ire TV boxes, as well [...]

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DNA Of A Strategic Marketing Operations Leader: 3 Seismic Shifts, Part 2

Marketing operations (MO) as a dedicated, funded and strategic capability has exploded across B2B marketing organizations.  Due to traditional marketing's poor response to changes in technology, use of data for decision marketing and customer behavior, the marketing operations function isn't just filling the gap, but it's creating a competitive advantage for organizations through enabling change and [...]

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