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Dynamic Search Ads Are For Amateurs Or Superheroes

Machine learning in AdWords is, believe it or not, the future.  But is Dynamic Search Ads?  Maybe, maybe not, depending on who you ask. There is a column were Daniel Gilbert talks about Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), which is something for people who are generally new to paid search.  Daniel will share some caveats with us: When [...]

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Sendwithus Launches GDPR-Compliant, Cloud-Based Email CMS

On Tuesday, Sendwithus announced the launch of Dyspatch, which is an enterprise-level, cloud-based and GDPR-compliant email content management system (CMS) for transactional emails.So what is Dyspatch?  It is a CMS platform for email that manages workflow, such as building, editing and commenting from a variety of stakeholders.  Once the email is ready to be deployed, it's “exposed via our API,” [...]

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Facebook Expands A/B Ad-Testing Capabilities & Adds Reporting Features

New features are being added by Facebook to its A/B split-testing feature for advertisers and making it available from within the Quick Creation workflow. The A/B ad-testing option was originally available in the Facebook Ads Manager's Guided Creation workflow screen.  This update ads the split-testing option to Facebook's Quick Creation flow where advertisers can create ads in bulk. With [...]

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What’s The Real Strategy Behind Amazon’s Acquisition Of Ring?

Earlier this week, an Amazon venture fund ponied up money for smart thermostat maker Ecobee. The e-commerce giant announced that their second biggest purchase after Whole Foods is the acquisition of Ring, a video doorbell/smart home vendor. In December, Amazon bought out home security vendor Blink. What’s going on here? [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Source - Barry Levine

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Desktop vs Smartphone Matters for Your Marketing: Here’s Why!

Mark insists on having different conversations on different devices, and it's driving Eric nuts! But it's true that each of your marketing audiences may have their own preferences for viewing your content. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple's Mark Traphagen shares recent research that shows people prefer [...]

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5 Rules For Writing Effective Onboarding Emails

When it comes to advice for tech marketers, it rarely covers the words they should be using. It's not really that shocking in a business that takes perverse pride in all the jargon, acronyms and quirky branding.  Brent Sleeper, in an article he wrote about how language and content of great onboarding emails, brings his inner [...]

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