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YouTube Sets Stricter Rules On Videos That Can Carry Ads

Google has announced significant new changes to how it will monetize content on YouTube. This is coming after a series of updates the company implemented in response to repeated backlash from advertisers over the last year. Paul Muret, VP of display, video and analytics acknowledged in a blog post on Wednesday “2017 was a difficult year, with several issues [...]

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YouTube SEO 101

Looking at the Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web, with the first being Google.  Even with this information, there are a lot of digital marketers who are treating it like any other social media site.  If you're looking for success, you need to understand that YouTube isn't about [...]

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YouTube’s FameBit Has A New Sales Boss, Expanded Platform Post-Acquisition

Here's something odd - According to a number of executives in the advertising in the advertising and entertainment industries, influencer marketing platform FameBit has been oddly quiet since being acquired by Google’s YouTube one year ago.  One agency exec even said that they hadn't heard from theme since going over to YouTube.  But now, the company is getting [...]

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Find Your Target Audience With YouTube Video Advertising

A cost effective way to reach potential customers for almost any product or business is to advertise on the video platform, YouTube.  YouTube users consume over a billion hours of video content per day on the site.  With such a large amount of traffic, advertisers can target specific demographics and regions. The video-sharing website has become an [...]

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Google Reportedly Pitching Publishers On YouTube Video Player With Ad Inventory Controls

While Google is issuing another update on their efforts to address advertisers’ brand safety concerns on YouTube, AdvertisingAge is reporting the company is shopping a new YouTube solution for publishers. According to the report, YouTube is offering publishers the ability to control the ads that is served on their YouTube videos when they use its video player.  In order [...]

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Google Confirms Testing Auto-Play Videos In The Search Results

Google has confirmed that they are running a small experiment where they are auto-playing videos in the search results page.  The test was spotted by Jennifer Slegg after conducting some tests using Internet Explorer on the morning of July 24.  The video in the knowledge panel will begin playing automatically if you are in this experiment. A [...]

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