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How to Earn Loyal Subscribers on YouTube For Your Business

What is the key to earning YouTube subscribers that will remain loyal to you? In this HubSpot video, they cover why having a strong subscriber count is a very important metric that can help improve your channel's performance. HubSpot will also show you how your business can do to begin growing a following, as well [...]

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YouTube Brings Products To YouTube For Action Ads

According to YouTube, the number of advertisers using TrueView for action has increased over 260% last year. The company is now bringing product selection to these ads. E-commerce advertisers can show products in their TrueView for action ads in this brand new test. When the users click on the expansion arrow in a TrueView for [...]

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YouTube Rolls Out New Features to Help Creators Boost Merch Sales

YouTube is helping creators with a new feature to boost merchandise sales, as well well as coming out with a new report for measuring revenue. When people buy merchandise from a creator during a live stream, the sale will be highlighted in the chat. YouTube channels are able to access monthly insights about revenue in [...]

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Google Tests Showing Web Pages in YouTube Search Results

It seems that Google has been showing links to web pages when people search for topics on YouTube. A Reddit users discovered this and posted the following screenshot: As you can see from the example above, you can see how a single web page results breaks up a search results page, which is showing a [...]

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10 Common YouTube SEO Mistakes – YouTube Optimization

Are you making YouTube SEO (Optimization) mistakes that could be costing you valuable views and slowing your channel growth? In this video, we cover 10 common mistakes new YouTuber’s make, and what you can do to avoid them. Our YouTube contributor, Luke Sherran, made these same mistakes himself when he started out on YouTube. Save [...]

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YouTube Expands Ad Formats for TV Screens

YouTube growing their TV-screen ad options. According to Google's internal numbers, there is a sharp growth in consumption on TVs, and it is thought that these numbers will remain consistent as the COVID-19 quarantine keeps us home. The ad formats are familiar to regular advertisers on YouTube, but the move signals Google's intention to keep [...]

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YouTube Viewership is Up, But YouTubers Are Earning Less Money

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube viewership is on the rise, but it isn't translating into greater earnings for video creators. Last week, the New York Times reported that YouTube went up 15%. The same reason why YouTube traffic is up is also the same reason why YouTubers aren't making as much money despite the [...]

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YouTube Makes An Exception For Coronavirus Ads, Instagram Tests New Feature For Live Stream Posting

YouTube Will Allow Some CoronaVirus Monteization According to Social Media Today, YouTube is loosening the reins on its ‘Sensitive Events’ policy to allow monetization of some coronavirus-related videos. Selected YouTubers will have special exclusion to monetize videos that discuss the pandemic. The idea behind this is to make "authoritative" information visible to users while providing [...]

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YouTube To Automate More Video Reviews In Light Of Staffing Challenges Caused By Coronavirus

Nobody is immune to the likes of COVID-19, not even digital creators amid business closures and staff shortages. On March 16, YouTube said that it implemented closures and staff shortages. YouTube on Monday said it has implemented a temporary automatic review process whose purpose is to weed out any content that possibly violates polices as in-office staffing in [...]

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