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Google Tests “In This Video” Search Feature

Google shows video results in its search results quite often. Google has a feature to show suggested clips, a method to jump you to the portion of the video that answers your specific query. It looks like now, Google is testing showing "in this video," which is a timeline that shows you what sections of [...]

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Maximizing the Full Potential of YouTube Advertising

Every day people watch over a billion hours of video content on YouTube. Almost one-third of the internet is on YouTube. To say your audience isn't on YouTube is just not true. Our three presenters will show why you need to at least try YouTube ads, and how you can find your target and connect [...]

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How to Understand the YouTube Algorithm

Want your videos to rank higher on YouTube? YouTube considers a lot of factors when deciding how to serve up the most relevant, personalized videos to its users. In this video, we'll teach you how to understand the YouTube algorithm to ensure your next video reaches a wider audience.

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YouTube To Phase Out Exact Counts For Public Facing Subscriber Numbers

Beginning September 2, YouTube is exact counts for public-facing subscriber numbers on channels with 1,000 or more followers is being phased out. This update will rollout through-out September across YouTube and the public YouTube API Service. The only way for creators to see their exact subscriber count is through YouTube and YouTube analytics. YouTube had [...]

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TrueView For Action Inventory Extends To Google Video Partners

Google is now opening up Google video partners inventory to TrueView for action ads. This is important because TrueView for action video ads a tailored specifically for performance advertisers with a call-to-action banner that appears during and after the video is displayed. Advertisers who have found success on YouTube using TrueView for action ads, this can [...]

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Google Hangouts On Air With YouTube Live Discontinued

Recently, Google began to inform YouTube users that Hangouts is being discontinued in 2019. This means that Google's Webmaster Hangouts will be affected as well. John Mueller of Google got the message at the same time. Google’s official Hangouts support page had a note appended to the top of the page alerting users that the service is [...]

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YouTube Video Marketing: $10/day Video Ads

In this video, you will see SEMrush's $10/day budget strategy for video ads and then show you how to set up your 1st video. You also learn the difference between a remarketing list & a video remarketing list and how a video remarketing list costs a fraction of your ‘normal’ remarketing.

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YouTube Video Marketing: 60-Second Video Ads

Now it’s time to create your video ad. For that, you need to write a script so that the message comes across and you say all the important things you need to say in your video ad. Here is the template for creating your 60-seconds video ad: Hook / Problem Quick Intro Solution / Proof [...]

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