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Google Will Be Launching ‘Enhanced News Storytelling’ Project With Licensed Content

Google announced back in June that they will release a news-content licensing program that will pay publishers for high-quality content for a brand new 'news experience' released later this year. According to Google, this initiative is going to have “an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories.” Germany, Brazil and Australia [...]

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Stress Isn’t An Excuse To Spam For Businesses

With COVID-19 still a pretty significant situation in our lives, many businesses are doing their best trying to keep their revenue up any way they can. There are those who are taking the channels they have and really ramping them up, while others are doing what ever they can in a desperate attempt in order [...]

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The Big EU Court Strikes Down Data Transfer Agreement That Google, Facebook and Amazon Relies On

In a big move last week during the “Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland and Maximillian Schrems” case, the highest court in Europe  struck down the Privacy Shield framework that thousands of companies rely on when it comes to large scale data transfers between the US and Europe. Now that Privacy Shield has gone away, what will happen? [...]

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Google To Prohibit Demographic, Zip Code Targeting For Housing, Employment, Credit Ads

Google's advertising polices surrounding housing, employment and credit opportunities is being updated, according to and announcement. No longer will employment, housing and credit advertisers be able to target or exculde their ads from being shown based on demographics — gender, age, parental status, marital status — or zip code. This will add to ad to [...]

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Google To Allow Removal Of Counterfeit Goods From Search Results

Users are now being allowed to report counterfeit goods within the organic Google search results for removal. This is similar to the DMCA process, which lets you request removal of stolen copyrighted content from Google's search results. Google Ads already prohibits counterfeit goods from being advertised on Google and it describes them as goods that "contain a trademark or [...]

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Instagram Says Sites May Need Permission to Embed Photos

According to an Instagram statement, site owners might have to get permission from Instagram users before they embed their posts on a web page. Right now, Newsweek is getting sued for copyright infringement by a photographer who's Instagram post was embedded on their site without permission. Because of the decisions that could be made in [...]

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Google May Face U.S. Antitrust Lawsuits

The US Justice Department, as well as a number of state attorneys general might be preparing to sue Google antitrust violations. Antitrust laws exist in both a federal and state level, and aim to promote competition by discouraging large organizations from unfairly using their dominance in the market to squeeze out competitors. Reuters says that [...]

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Jumpshot Redux: Hitwise Is Shutting Down

After 20 years of operation, Hitwise, a company that collects consumer data from numerous sources, is shutting down.According to the vague statement that the company gave on its website, citing “events outside of our control.” According to Hitwise, it was called an "unexpected turn of events." There seems to be some unconfirmed speculation that Hitwise might [...]

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California Takes On The Internet (Again) With Bill Aimed At Food-Delivery Abuses

Back in 2019, order online buttons were added to Google My Business (GMB) restaurant profiles and knowledge panels through partnerships with Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates,, among others. These additions to GMB was apart of its evolution, which went from a static directory to a increasingly “transactional” platform. For consumers, this was meant to be convenient, [...]

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