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YouTube Video Marketing: Results

In this video, SEMrush shares some of the results which they have generated. They go through the results which they got from: OrganicPaid AdsRemarketing

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How to Maximize Profitability With The Amazon FBA Calculator

If you are looking to get started selling on Amazon, you are going to need to figure out how you want to fulfill those orders, and if you are selling through Seller Central, you have two options. You can either fulfill those orders yourself, or you can take advantage of Amazon's FBA program. Amazon's FBA [...]

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Arnout Hellemans On Migrating A Multi-Language Website

Arnout Hellemans - Freelance SEO consultant talks about an automatic redirect based on the language Migrating websites is a hard task, so we’ve asked the industry pros to share their expertise. To migrate your site smoothly, you’ll need to pay attention to a lot of different things and remedy a lot of drawbacks. Small mistakes [...]

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Google Search Console Adds Discover Report

In a recent announcement made by Google, a new report has been added to help publishers learn more about how searchers are finding their site through the Google Discover feature. The company said it is “adding a new report in Google Search Console to share relevant statistics” regarding Google discover. For those unfamiliar with Google Discover, [...]

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SEMrush Website Migration Tips

Are you planning to migrate your website to a different platform, location or domain over the coming months? If so, how confident are you that the move won’t result in any negative impact such as traffic or revenue loss? Whether you’re intending on moving from http to https SEO, changing CMS systems, moving servers or [...]

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Local-Services Ads Appearing In Google Home Voice Results

There is the question of how Google will make ad revenue from its smart speaker and smart display devices doesn't really have an answer (this goes for Amazon's devices as well). But now, it looks like there is an answer. Reuters discovered that Google is presenting Local-Services ads in voice search results for local queries. In the Reuters [...]

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How To Justify The Budget You Need For New Campaigns

Pay per click advertising’s role in any company is to be a resource that earns money, not spend it. Despite this, there tends to be anxiety present between campaign managers and their boss, whether it be the client, the CEO or even the CFO of a company when they request funds for a new PPC [...]

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How To Create Reports That Keep That Budget Flowing

In this SEMrush video on how to create reports that help keep the budget flowing, they will cover: How GA defines users and sessions, and what impact that has on reports, in particular to conversion and segmented data Get more bang for your buck, tips, and tricks on how to fully utilize the features available [...]

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