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TikTok Launches Its Holiday Playbook For Small Business

Are you an advertiser for TikTok? Are you planning on using the platform for your holiday marketing plan? Since TikTok seems to be on its way to becoming the next billion user social platform, it should be a part of your holiday marketing plan. A number of businesses have been unsure to invest, especially with [...]

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Instagram Tests a new FAQ Option for Direct Interactions with Business Accounts

A new FAQ option is being tested by Instagram for business accounts. This gives brans the ability to provide fast tappable Q&A options from the Direct feed when users are looking to send a message query. With this new option, brands could highlight common questions in their message window. Four questions will be displayed [...]

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What is a Brand SERP? Why Is It Important To Your Business?

In any business, Brand SERP is incredibly important. If you don't know what Brand SERP is, then you may want to check out the following Search Engine Journal video, where where we will see Jason Barnard give us a five minute tour of his world of Brand SERPS.

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What Are Some Life Lessons During COVID-19 And Beyond?

The pandemic brought into the limelight due to the introduction of COVID-19 to the world certainly has changed how we live and how we work. It has certainly shown us some new challenges that we now must face everyday. Because of our new sense of what is normal, Integrate founder and CEO Jeremy Bloom decided to [...]

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Should You Be Worried About Brand Safety?

Brand safety is by no means a new concept, but it’s become a top priority for marketers over the past few months. But while some of us might have brand safety on our minds, others may be wondering: What exactly is brand safety, and what measures can marketers take to protect the reputation of their [...]

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NewsCred Is Rebranded To Become Welcome

As of October 14, NewsCred, a familiar marketing management software, has announced that it'll be rebranding it self as Welcome. Welcome is a solution for work management, strategic campaign planning, collaborative content creation, and real-time performance measurement designed for marketing teams. NewsCred was acquired by Industry Dive earlier this year (July to be specific) to [...]

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What is the Low Touch Economy?

What is the Low Touch Economy? Think about the last time you greeted someone new with a handshake. It may have been a while -- because, in the face of a pandemic, physical contact is limited and discouraged. In other words, our interactions have become, in a few words, “low touch.”

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How to Assess a Market for Global Expansion

In this SEMrush video, we'll learn the most important steps to assess a market for global expansion. International expansion can generate benefits that can change a business forever. If miscalculations are made at the stage of market assessment, though, it might cause damage that can’t be undone.

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