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What is the Low Touch Economy?

What is the Low Touch Economy? Think about the last time you greeted someone new with a handshake. It may have been a while -- because, in the face of a pandemic, physical contact is limited and discouraged. In other words, our interactions have become, in a few words, “low touch.”

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How to Assess a Market for Global Expansion

In this SEMrush video, we'll learn the most important steps to assess a market for global expansion. International expansion can generate benefits that can change a business forever. If miscalculations are made at the stage of market assessment, though, it might cause damage that can’t be undone.

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How to Apply Social Community Management

When it comes to your business’s social media efforts, the importance of community management is certain. We use social media to engage with our followers, answer their questions, learn more about what they’re looking for, and ultimately create the content that will benefit them the most. But community management goes far beyond your online followers [...]

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Facebook Ads More Sponsored Post Options For Groups

Facebook is always trying to encourage group engagement, so it's no surprise that they are trying to create as many opportunities for businesses within these communities. The company is currently trying to add another pathway for group admins with new band partnership posts that are built into the group experience direct. The sponsored posts found [...]

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7 Top Tips for Setting Up Live Chat on Your Website

In this video, the folks over at HubSpot will show you the Top 7 tips of Adding live chat to your website allowing you to increase conversions and get real-time customer insights and is a key trend for your 2020 inbound marketing strategy.

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Competitive Analysis: How To Hack It In 6 Steps

In this SEMrush video you’ll learn why you’re missing out BIG TIME if you’re not doing a regular competitive analysis and we’ll give you a 6-steps guide to build your research process. We’ll discuss why you need an ongoing competitor analysis in Digital Marketing and how often you should be doing it. Competitor analysis is [...]

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