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Using the Cross Domain Rel=Canonical to Maximize the SEO Value of Cross-Posted Content – Whiteboard Friday

Are you using the same content, but on different domains? There's a tag for that. Using rel=canonical to communicate with Google that similar or identical content exists on multiple domains has a number of clever applications. You can cross-post content across several domains that you own, you can benefit from others republishing your own content, [...]

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‘Consent Is Unworkable’ For Programmatic Ads In The Era Of GDPR

Consent "isn't going to work" for progmmatic or direct-sold advertising under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is the conclusion of Johnny Ryan, who is the head of ecosystem at anti-ad-blocking solutions provider PageFair.  Over the past two years, he tried to figure out how GDPR is supposed to work, given the current digital ad [...]

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New Digital Marketing Services and Tools

If you haven't read about our re-brand, check it out here. As part of our 2017 re-branding efforts and niche market partnerships, we've rolled out a plethora of new tools and services to get you everything you need. If you're a small business, you'll want to pay particular attention, as many of our new tools [...]

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How to Use Instagram & Facebook Ads to Acquire Local Customers

Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the parent company Facebook and can both help a business acquire local customers, except they do have some differences in strategies. Facebook ad targeting is a blessing for local businesses because it allows them to narrow down their audience targeting with a degree of specificity that was never [...]

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How Social Selling is Changing Social Media

How Social Selling is Changing Social Media Written by guest writer Patrick Foster Social media has always been a useful tool, but the advent of social selling has made it even more important to businesses. In the past, your social media accounts were one step removed from the money-making process, but not anymore. Now that [...]

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Twitter To Bring Pre-Roll Ads To Periscope Videos

Twitter has been looking for ways to make money, and it seems the next target they have in their sights is Periscope.  According to an announcement today, Twitter will soon allow publishers and creators to monetize their Periscope content with support of pre-roll ads within video. With pre-roll ads, viewers will get the same user experience [...]

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