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10 Basic SEO Tips to Index, Rank New Content Faster

When you are publishing content, you'll want folks to find it as fast as possible in search results. There are a lot of tips that you can access as an SEO that will assist you in getting closer to your goal. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus SHepard lets us know how to do [...]

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SEO Isn’t An On/Off Switch – Whiteboard Friday

For those who are running a business, we know that there will be times when things will be a bit tight from a financial point of view. Sometimes, you might decide to cut back on some things to save money. There might be times when this happens that the higher ups will try cutting SEO [...]

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Google Discover Is Getting Web Stories

On October 6, Google announced that Web Stories is coming to Google Stories. Web Stories was formally known as AMP Stories. Google said that "the Stories carousel, now available in the United States, India and Brazil at the top of Discover, helps you find some of the best visual content from around the web. In [...]

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Overcoming Blockers: How to Build Your Red Tape Toolkit

Have you made SEO recommendations that haven't taken off or your budget is lacking? What ever is going on, it's important that you set yourself up for success when it comes to the likes of red tape that's part and parcel of a lot of different organizations. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday that comes [...]

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Google Shopping Is Now Free Globally

On September 30, Googled made an announcement that the company is expanding Google Shopping listings globally for free. According to the Google Merchant Center page: "Today we announced that we’re bringing free listings to the Shopping tab in countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Just as we don't charge sites to be part of [...]

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How Has “Black Hat SEO” Changed Over The Years

Barry Schwartz interviewed Drew Madore, the CEO and founder of Synergist Digital Media in this video, where the two discussed "black hat SEO," which is SEO that ignores Google's guidelines. The two discussed how much this form of SEO has changed over time, as well as how can one use these techniques in a safe [...]

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Accessible Machine Learning for SEOs

For some SEOs, machine learning is something that seems to big for them. Britney Muller from Moz is here for this episode of Whiteboard Friday where she will tell us that it isn't out of our scopes as SEOs. She will take us through some steps in order to help get us started on our [...]

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