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Google Confirms Rolling Out A Broad Core Search Algorithm Update Earlier This Week

On Twitter, Google published a post saying that it released a "broad core algorithm update" this past Monday. According to Google, it "routinely" updates "thoughout the year" and referenced communication from the previous core update. Google's core search updates happen "several times per year."  Although "some sites may note drops or gains," there is nothing specific a [...]

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Hreflang Tags: How To Serve Correctly Regionalized Content

As a whole, there is hardly anything more technical than international and multilanguage search engine optimization.  It can be difficult to implement, and not hard to get things wrong.  This can lead you in a world of SEO problems. When considering how to target readers around the globe, there are a lot of moving parts [...]

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Getting SEO Value from rel=”nofollow” Links

There are plenty of websites that make it easy for you to contribute, but don't make it easy to earn a followed link from those contributions. While rel=nofollow links reign in the land of social media profiles, comments, and publishers, there's a few ways around it. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares five [...]

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Google Local Algorithm Uses 2:1 Clustering Formula

In an investigation from RankRanger's Mordy Oberstein, it has been identified that there is a distance and clustering pattern in Google's local algorithm that the author says is consistent regardless of user location.  Basically, it means that it'll appear regardless of whether the user is searching nearby or remotely (such as resident vs tourist). The pattern [...]

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Google Officially Rolls Out ‘More Results’ Search Button On Mobile

The "More results search button has been officially launched by Google for mobile, making it possible for additional search results to load beyond the first set of results displayed. The announcement was made through Twitter from the Google’s @SearchLiason account, which confirmed that the new "More results" button is going to replace the previous "Next" button that would [...]

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How To Use The Knowledge Graph For Higher Rankings

For a while now, Google has been on a mission to transform search from "strings to things."  That mission is one of the reasons for the Hummingbird update, as well as the rise of RankBrain. In order to get this feat off the ground, Google needed to create connections between their data using “real world context.” [...]

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7 Ways To Turn A Webinar Into A Stream Of Link-Attracting Content

For every marketer out there, creating large amounts of valuable content is a universal challenge.  It doesn't matter what sort of content we're talking about, whether its articles, blog posts, images or videos.  It's easy to lose quality of that content if you're trying to produce large quantities, so if you're responsible for marketing, make [...]

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