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Google Search Console Sending Alerts For Big Ranking, Traffic Drops

Alerts and notifications are being sent out by Google from Google Search Console when it detects a "substantial drop" in clicks to your website from the Google search results when compared to the data from previous weeks.  What's being done is that Google is basically looking at week-over-week data in the Performance report.  If the [...]

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Google May Use Different Ranking Weights For YMYL-Type Queries

It was confirmed by Google that for your money, your life (YMYL) queries, they will give more weight in their ranking algorithm to factors that focus on expertise, authoritativeness, or trustworthiness – also known as EAT in the industry. The confirmation was made by Google after publishing a new 30-page white paper (PDF) which explains how the company fights disinformation across Google search, [...]

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User Discovery Experience Is Now Vital to SEO: Here’s Why

Google is no longer just a search engine; it's a discovery engine as well. The question for brands and sites today is: are you worth discovering? In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge explains what a discovery engine is and why SEOs should be optimizing not just for [...]

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Google Drops Mobile App Properties From GSC, Reminds Site Owners To Remove G+ Integrations

Google sent out notification to webmasters this week through Google Search Console, telling them that the mobile app properties and Google+ web integrations will no longer be supported. Google added the ability to include your mobile apps in 2015 in Google Search Console.  Beginning in 2017, Google began moving this functionality from Google Search Console to Firebase.  As expected, mobile app property [...]

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EU Copyright Directive Poised To Become Law, Includes Licensing Fees For Search Engines

The European Union's debated Copyright Directive is ready to become law.  There has been an agreement on the final language of the Directive, and all that is required now is the formal European Parliament and member-state approval, which is expected to happen. The idea behind the Directive is that it will govern copyright rules across Europe.  It [...]

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Back to basics: What Does ‘Long-Tail’ Keyword Really Mean?

Are you the one responsible for overseeing the SEO strategy at your company?  If so, more than likely, you're evaluating keywords to determining which ones you should be focusing on.  But even professionals often mistake long-tail keywords as defined by the number of words that are used in a search query. Technically, this thinking is [...]

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Clicks Plummet When Images, Article Info Stripped From News Results In SERP

Google ran an experiment last month “to understand what the impact of the proposed EU Copyright Directive would be to our users and publisher partners.”  In the news search results, you could see links, but there wasn't any descriptions or images, and there were incomplete story titles and site titles without any context. The experiment previewed changes in the [...]

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Google Search Console Goes Live With New Consolidated View

A just a day after Google said that it would be consolidating the data from within the Google Search Console's performance report to the canonical URL, the search engine company decided to preview the consolidated data view on Thursday.  This is at least a month earlier than they planned. By logging into Google Search Console and clicking on your performance [...]

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