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New Ways To Approach SEO In 2019: Accountability And Customer Experiences

As we look out at the horizon that is 2019, there looms all of this technological advance and possibility.  This could be a very exciting planning season for marketers.  Consumer experiences, artificial intelligence and a granularity in tracking that were futuristic hopes not long ago are now commonplace — even expected. Google is taking the lions share [...]

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Facebook Starts Testing Ads In Search Results

On December 11, Facebook announced that it is now testing ads in its search results.  The two places that the test will run is in both the platforms primary search results and in Marketplace search results. For Facebook, search is one of the few untapped inventory sources that remain for the social platform, which has [...]

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Google Search Console AMP Enhancement Report To Combine Issue Types

There are some changes to how Google is showing some of the issues within Google Search Console for the AMP enhancement report.  According to Google, they will be combining some over-specific issue types into fewer generalized issue types within the report in an effort designed to separate issues into "more manageable groups" for webmasters. The AMP enhancement [...]

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Google To Redirect Old Search Console Reports to New Ones Dec. 13

If you saw the Search Engine Land report last month, Google is going to sunset some reports within the Google Search Console.  The company announced that many of these reports will redirect from the old to the new Google Search Console on December 13. Google wants to reduce duplication efforts of maintaining to similar reports, since having [...]

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What Was Learned When Google Deindexed Search Engine Land For A Day

Last Friday, Google had delisted Search Engine Land from its index and search results by accident.  In that situation, not a single page from from the site showed up in Google search. When Search Engine Land got a response from Google that morning, They were told that its “system misidentified the site as being hacked” and thus was [...]

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DuckDuckGo Study Says Google Search Personalization Perpetuating ‘Filter Bubble’

A new study (via Wired) from DuckDuckGo, a rival of Google, charges that Google search personalization is contributing to "filter bubbles."  Disputes this, Google says that search personalization is mostly a myth. Filter bubbles in social media or search has been something of a controversy for a number of years now by Eli Pariser, who described it as how relevance [...]

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