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You Can Now Add Custom JavaScript To AMP Pages

This week, Google announced that custom JavaScript can now be added to AMP pages. The amp-scriptcomponent can be used to enable user interactions, and to share code across AMP-enabled and non-AMP pages. JavaScript features, such as multi-page forms that need to be validated before moving on to the next section, can now be delivered via AMP. Source: [...]

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Bing Webmaster Tools Adds Domain Connect Verification Integration

To make sure it was easier for some webmasters to verify their websites with Bing Webmaster Tools, Bing has added support for verification through Domain Connect. This means that those webmasters who use 1&1 IONOS, GoDaddy, Media Temple or Plesk will have easier access to verify their web sites with Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing is offering [...]

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Conductor Purchase Price Revealed: $15.8M Cash + $97.8M Stock

Early last year, SEO firm Conductor was acquired by WeWork (now known as "The We Company"), but the purchase price wasn't revealed until Thursday when We’s S-1 filing was released. The deal was made for $15.8 million in cash and $97.8 million in Series AP-1 Preferred Stock. The total transaction was valued at just over $113 [...]

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Google Is Aware Of Sites Hosted On Another’s Subdomain

According to Google, hosting content in a subdomain or subfolder of another entity's site isn't against its guidelines, but that it's improving is systems to recognize that content and treat it accordingly. This came from the Google Webmasters Twitter account on August 14. Here is what the tweet said: "We’ve been asked if third-parties can host content [...]

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Ruth Burr Reedy On Human-Readable Google Ranking Signals

Former head of SEO at Moz and now Vice President of Strategy at UpBuild, Ruth Burr Reedy, sat down with Barry Schwartz and spoke about her history in SEO that she lead up the efforts of migrating Moz from the domain to They even spoke about what new SEOs should be looking for [...]

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Google Adds Playable Podcasts Directly In The Search Results

Google has announced that you are now able to play podcasts directly in the desktop and mobile search results. Google said, “Starting today, when you’re searching for a podcast about a topic on Google, we’ll show you playable episodes in Search results alongside web pages, news, images and videos.” Here are some screen shots of this [...]

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Google Testing Tools Now Support Evergreen Googlebot

In an announcement, Google said that a number of the testing tools available within Google Search Console or the Google developer portal are now using the new evergreen Googlebot for crawling. Google launched what is being called evergreen Googlebot three months ago, and basically, it means that Googlebot will crawl the web using the latest [...]

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Google Search Console Sending Performance Report Emails

Some verified Google Search Console site owners are now being sent monthly reports by Google showing how well their sites are performing in Google search. This report now says “your July performance on Google Search.” The report shows a monthly summary of the data from your Google Search Console reports. The data from your performance reports includes" [...]

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Google Beats Out Microsoft, Amazon, IBM In Image Recognition Study

Over at Perficient Digital, an image recognition study was released that looked at the accuracy of the respective technologies. The study found that Google Vision beat out the competition, which included Amazon AWS Rekognition, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure Computer Vision. As you can see below, Google has scored the highest among the technologies: There were [...]

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