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New Google Search Console Adds Filter For Web Light Search Appearance

Google made an announcement that it added a search appearance filter to the new beta version of the Google Search Console, which lets users filter out search data for Web Light users.  In an explanation by Google, Web Light is when Google will “transcode (convert) web pages on the fly into a version optimized for slow networks, so that these pages load [...]

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Google Adds College Search Knowledge Panel

According to an announcement, Google is coming out with a new search feature that is designed to help would-be college students find the perfect school.  By searching for college-related topics on the search engine, Google will now how you more ways to “explore educational options and find a college that meets your needs.” In order to give [...]

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Google Sent 45M Notifications Through Search Console, 6M Of Which Were Search Spam-Related

Juan Felipe Rincon, the global search outreach lead of Google has shared some updated metrics on Google’s spam-preventive measures over the past year.  Compared to last year, Google about 3 million fewer manual action notices this year. Last year, Google said that it had sent 9 million web spam notices through Google Search Console.  That number dropped this year [...]

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Google Posts Adds Products And Offers

On June 6, Google announced that within Google My Business, two new Google Posts categories are now available.   Not only can you use Google Posts to tell people about all the news about your business or upcoming event, but it's possible to create posts about new products and offers that you want to highlight. “We’ve added 2 new post [...]

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Google News Will Deprecate Crawl Errors Report In Search Console & Mobile App Link In News Publisher Center

In an announcement by Google's Lisa Wang from the News team, some features are being deprecated with the recent update to Google News. It was reported that the standout and original source tags and Editors’ Picks will be going away a few weeks ago.  Even a news crawl error tool in Google Search Console and the ability for publishers to highlight [...]

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Google Launches AdWords Add-On For Google Sheets

A new add-on for Google Sheets by Google AdWords has launched that will allow users to import data for analysis and reporting. With the add-on installed to an AdWords account or MCC account, the things you'll be able to do is chose metrics columns, set filters and report time frame and name the report from a [...]

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Yelp-Led Group’s New Video Appeals To Google Employees To Advocate For Internal Change

Recently, Yelp filed a private antitrust complaint against Google with the European Commission (EC).  Now it's attempting to appeal to Google's own employees to agitate for change from within the company. This attempt is both naïve and shrewd at the same time.  Check out the “Focus on the User” video below, which makes several points: Google is an essential tool [...]

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Google Steps Up Efforts To Fight Scams And Fraud Directed At SMBs

To this day, scammers are claiming to represent Google, while preying on small business owners.  They also make threats about removing listing or outrageous claims about ranking improvements.  At times, they will even try charging for things that are supposed to be free on Google. Previously, a number of things have been done by Google [...]

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Google Releases Lighthouse Version 3.0

Google rolled out a new version of Lighthouse around Google I/O this year, which is a tool that is meant to help developers make better web pages by providing a set of audits against a web URL.  Lighthouse returns tips and guidance on how to improve a specific web page for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps and [...]

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