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New Google Search Console Adds Mobile Usability Report, Manage Users & Add Site Features

The new Google Search Console has been announced by Google and includes three new features that it didn't have before.  These features include: Manage users and permissions directly in the new Google Search Console. Previously, you were only able to do this within the old version.  Add sites and validate ownership in the new Google Search Console. Previously, you [...]

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How To Increase Your PageSpeed In WordPress

We've heard about Google's thoughts on PageSpeed, and we all know that as a metric, it's really important from both an SEO and usability standpoint.  Although WordPress isn't the only thing out there on the web, it does power over almost 60 percent (59.3%) of the web.  Google even has dedicated an engineering team to work [...]

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Google’s August Core Search Algorithm Update Has Been Fully Rolled Out

On August 8, Google confirmed that the core search algorithm update that started to roll out about a week ago is now completely rolled out.  According to Google search liaison Danny Sullivan, who on Twitter said, “It’s done.” Danny added that if we are seeing other changes, “We always have changes that happen, both broad and more specific.” [...]

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Google: The Search Console Index Coverage Report Is Now More Accurate

If you access the new Google Search Console report, the Index Coverage report, you'll see a notation around July 14 about a "Google Search Update."  It's about a system change to the reporting within Google Search Console, and not about the algorithm update that happened last week.  It was noted by Google that it upgraded the Index Coverage report to a [...]

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3 Free Tools To Comprehensively Test Page Speed

Fast sites are an important thing to have, since a fast site is rewarded with improved search engine optimization (SEO).  These types of sites have the ability to drive both more visits and ultimately conversions.  The more people who visits your site will lead to more sales, signups or traffic in general. But with the [...]

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Google Confirms New FAQs, Q&A And How-Tos For Search Results Snippets

It has been confirmed by Google that the company has been busy testing for the past several months a new form of search results snippets: the way the search results appear to searchers.  These new search snippets have taken the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs), questions and questions (Q&A) and How-Tos. Akhil Agarwal first notified Search [...]

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The Influence Of Social Triggers On SEO

Social signals have recently become more of a ranking factor as compared to before. The fact that search engines rank a site depending on how useful its content is to the audience, it comes as no surprise that they are being considered as factors. This is because people can only share what they love with [...]

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Google Confirms Broad Search Algorithm Update Is Rolling Out

On Wednesday, Google confirmed on Twitter that the company released a "broad core algorithm update" this week.  The announcement came after there was some noticed shifts in rankings and traffic by the search community on the morning of August 1.  Google will release several algorithm updates per year that it may confirm, while many others are not confirmed or recognized by Google. This [...]

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Google Plans To Re-Enter China With Government-Approved Search App

In a report found in The Intercept, Google will be formally re-entering the Chinese search market.  Reportedly, the search company will will offer censorship of keywords and topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese government, such as “human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.” It seems that the talks that took place between Google and Chinese officials have been [...]

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