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SEO Checklist: How to Get More Traffic and Rank on Google

Are looking for an SEO checklist that will help you to increase your site's organic traffic and rank on Google? You've come to the right place! This checklist can be used as a reference point for ensuring that your site, whether it’s new or already existing, is on point with the latest best-practices and that [...]

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How Does An SEO Create A Free Server Log Dashboard To Help Understand Incoming Traffic To Your Site?

So you want to create free server logs dashboards? And you want to do it using Elasticsearch? Jean-Christophe Chouinard is here to help SEOs harness some awesome visuals for you! By harnessing the power that comes from something like Elasticsearch, this will help you, the webmaster, better understand incoming traffic coming to your site by [...]

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Jennifer Slegg On Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines

Jennifer Slegg, who has been in SEO for over 20 years, was asked to talk to Barry Schwartz about something she was passionate about - Google's search quality raters guidelines. The two even spoke about Google algorithm updates, discussing how it's not always health following them too close. Not only that, Barry and Jennifer remembered [...]

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Image License Structured Data Support Is Added To Google Search Console

Google Search Console reports and the Rich Results test tool are getting some more support from Google for image license metadata for licensable image label. If you're using this markup, a new section will appear in the Enhancements reports in the Search Console. If you're not using the markup, it will not appear to [...]

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What Do SEOs Get Wrong About Google Updates?

In the SEO industry, there seems to be an odd trend with many SEOs. A good number of them tend to blame a Google algorithm update for the decline of their ranking. Once this conclusion has been reached, they wonder which ranking factor is at fault, but realistically, this is not the right way to [...]

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Brian Ussery Of Razorfish On SEO For E-Commerce Sites

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land sat down to talk about the new evergreen GoogleBot, as well as some tips as well as other things that you should look for when doing SEO for e-commerce sites. In the following video, they talked about two main topics - evergreen GoogleBot and how Google is able to crawl [...]

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Saying No To AMP Means Worse Ranking And Revenue

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google-backed project that was created as an open standard for publishers to have their pages load quickly when being viewed on mobile devices, and was introduced in 2015. In early 2016, Google integrated AMP listings into mobile search results. Google decided recently to no longer require AMP in the [...]

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What Are The Common SEO Pitfalls? How Can You Avoid Them?

Are you a Shopify Store owner? If so, you probably know about some of the pitfalls that you face when trying to navigate the platform. If you are able to overcome the challenges presented to you in regards to SEO, then your Google rankings can begin going through the roof. Not only that, your organic [...]

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