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Google Maps Desktop Now Shows The World As A Spinnable Globe

On Twitter, Google announced that Google Maps on desktop will no show a flat map.  Rather, the world will be displayed as a globe. Originally, when zoomed out on Google Maps, you would see the map as a flat map.  But now, when you zoom out, Google shows the map as being spherical, allowing you to spin [...]

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Bing Maps Adds Build And Share Your Itinerary

It has been announced by Bing that within Bing Maps, it's now possible to build and share your itinerary for upcoming vacations for trips.  In Bing Maps, you can take pre-designed itineraries and customize them for your own trip. As an example, you can search on Bing Maps for [3 day Boston itinerary], and you'll get the [...]

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Google Hotel Search Results Testing ‘Price Insights’

Cup Guest Room New Hotel Service A test is being run by Google for "price insights" in its hotel search listing results.  Price insights will show a search if they're getting a good deal or not for a particular hotel.  When checking out a specific hotel, it's possible that Google will show you [...]

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Google Tests Location Tab For Hotel Knowledge Panels

Google is now testing a new location tab and section within thee hotel knowledge panel.  The location tab contains information that tells you what is around the hotel, such as sections like highlights, top sights and a getting-around section.  Sergey Alakov captured the test, and was able to share the following screen shots below. An important aspect of [...]

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Google Posts Adds ‘Call Now’ Button

Google My Business recently added the ability for businesses to add a "call now" button to their Google Posts.  Previously, the call-to-action options on the Google Posts for the "What's New" box included “book,” “order online,” “buy,” “learn more,” “sign up” and “get offer.”  Google now has a new option that lists the business's phone number. [...]

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Google My Business Listings: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

One of the greatest ways to get your local rankings is to claim and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Your Google My Business listing can not only increase your chance of showing up in the Google Local 3-pack, but when a Google user searches your business by name, Google will often show a Knowledge [...]

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Google Maps Begins Rolling Out New Explore Features Announced Last Month

The new redesigned Google Maps explore features  was Google has been announced and has begun rolling out worldwide on June 26. Sophia Lin, senior product manager for Google Maps, said, “Many of these features start rolling out worldwide today.” To learn more about what has changed and how you can explore the new Google Maps, check out Search [...]

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Google Posts Adds Products And Offers

On June 6, Google announced that within Google My Business, two new Google Posts categories are now available.   Not only can you use Google Posts to tell people about all the news about your business or upcoming event, but it's possible to create posts about new products and offers that you want to highlight. “We’ve added 2 new post [...]

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