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Yahoo Small Business Is Back With New Investments From Verizon

Before Facebook, before GoDaddy, before Google My Business, Yahoo Small Business was the top webhosting, e-commerce and marketing platform for small businesses.  It was neglected for years as a kind of cash cow without much investment.  It was even going to be spun out as Aabaco Small Business. But, Verizon agreed to acquire most of Yahoo in 2016 and the [...]

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Google Maps Now Available For Apple CarPlay

Google Maps is now available for Apple's car user interface, Apple CarPlay.  This brings native support for using Google Maps navigation, search and much more directly in your car that supports iOS CarPlay devices. By having Google Maps available in cars supporting Apple CarPlay, this means additional inventory for advertisers as Google Maps users can [...]

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6 Ways The August Core Algorithm Update Impacted Local Business

At Sterling Sky, who only work in the small business (SMB) market, and are particularly interested in seeing how Google’s recent algorithm update impacted local search. Joy Hawkins spent the last few weeks analyzing dozens of sites in depth, diving into ranking charts and before-and-after screen shots to see exactly what changed with this recent update. Below are the [...]

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Survey: 82 Percent Of Smartphone Shoppers Conduct ‘Near Me’ Searches

So many people are using smartphones these days.  These devices have quickly become the primary digital tool for most consumers under 50.  A sizable majority of smartphone owners conduct local searches with varying amounts of degrees of frequency. There are several surveys and behavioral studies that established this fact over the last several years.  According [...]

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Google Adds New ‘Veteran-Led’ Attribute To Google My Business Profile

Back in March, Google had added a “women-led” attribute to Google My Business profiles.  Veteran-run businesses are now getting the same treatment. On August 27, there was a blog post announcing the new attribute: Google is making it easier to identify your local business as veteran-led on Google Search and Maps. If your business is owned, led, or founded by a [...]

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How To Manage Multiple GMB Listings For Service Area Businesses

One of the questions that comes up quite frequently is this: Can Service Area Businesses (SABs) use Google My Business’s (GMB) bulk syndication to manage their listings?  It's a concern for businesses of all sizes. The answer, in short, is yes, although there are some caveats that come along with it.  In the linked post at [...]

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Google Maps Desktop Now Shows The World As A Spinnable Globe

On Twitter, Google announced that Google Maps on desktop will no show a flat map.  Rather, the world will be displayed as a globe. Originally, when zoomed out on Google Maps, you would see the map as a flat map.  But now, when you zoom out, Google shows the map as being spherical, allowing you to spin [...]

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Bing Maps Adds Build And Share Your Itinerary

It has been announced by Bing that within Bing Maps, it's now possible to build and share your itinerary for upcoming vacations for trips.  In Bing Maps, you can take pre-designed itineraries and customize them for your own trip. As an example, you can search on Bing Maps for [3 day Boston itinerary], and you'll get the [...]

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Google Hotel Search Results Testing ‘Price Insights’

Cup Guest Room New Hotel Service A test is being run by Google for "price insights" in its hotel search listing results.  Price insights will show a search if they're getting a good deal or not for a particular hotel.  When checking out a specific hotel, it's possible that Google will show you [...]

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