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Some Users Are Seeing Instagram Stories On Facebook

Recently, there are some Facebook users who have spotted a notification on their Facebook feed saying that they are able to view Instagram Stories directly on Facebook. The stories will be found within the Facebook Stories feed and will be surrounded by an Instagram rainbow border around the profile picture. Since this was first [...]

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An Infographic Guide To Social Media Image Sizes In 2020

In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of businesses want to be able to maximize their online presence, as it is the best chance they have to stay in business. With so many fighting to be seen by consumers, this means there is a lot more competition than there ever was. Since this [...]

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Curating Content on Social Media

Curating content for your social media channels is a great way to consistently stay active on each channel with less content, demonstrate industry thought leadership, AND to build a community – all while saving time. One of the big problems with social media today is that too many individuals and businesses are using it as [...]

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How to Set Social Media Goals

Hubspot talks to us about setting social media KPIs. Once you’ve created a buyer persona and mapped out some S-M-A-R-T goals, you can do a deeper dive and determine what key performance indicators, or KPIs, you should be targeting in your social media strategy. A KPI is a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success [...]

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Social Media Strategy: Social Media Engagement

The world of social media has changed quite a bit in recent years. It used to be that if you published a message on a social channel your audience would see it. But now, with so many users and so many posts, plus network algorithms that don’t favor brands, it’s more difficult than ever to [...]

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Learn Why You Need a Social Media Promotion Strategy

This video is from the recently updated social media certification course, which is free in HubSpot Academy. Creating a promotional plan that takes advantage of social and digital technologies will help you shape the conversation about your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners. Social media shouldn’t replace other Inbound promotional methods like [...]

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Instagram Sees Greatest Gains From Recent Social Media Spikes

Based on some new projections, it seems that Instagram is set to see the biggest gains from increased time spent with social media. Social media, as well as internet usage in general, is on a rise as a result of the orders to stay home due to coronavirus. Time spent with Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat [...]

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LinkedIn to Let Users Add Polls to Posts

A new features has been spotted on LinkedIn, which allows users to easily add a poll to any poll. Jan Manchun Wong discovered this feature, who is an expert on finding unreleased features by reverse engineering apps. Based on the image shared by Wong, LinkedIn polls are going to function similarly to how Twitter [...]

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