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Remote Sales Skills for Reps

In this HubSpot video, they will focus on “Skills Every Sales Rep Should Master When Selling Remote.” They talk about digital body language, engaging with a prospect over zoom, and more.

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Skills to You Need to Succeed at Remote Sales

If you’re a sales rep who’s accustomed to selling in-person, the switch to remote sales can be an adjustment. When you’re selling in-person​ you depend on relationship building, physical engagement, establishing trust, and reading body language and other social cues. It’s relational. Remote sales, however, is more transactional. ​Sales reps who sell remotely are very [...]

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3 Things to Consider When Moving To Remote Sales

The landscape of sales is changing quickly. More and more businesses are moving their sales process online. And with good reason. Buyers are more comfortable purchasing online, technology has advanced and bridged the gap between salespeople and their prospects, and the cost of customer acquisition is reduced by 40-90% compared to that of field sales [...]

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How to Help the Buyer Make the Decision

By the time you get to the end of your sales presentation, you should have no doubts as to how good a fit your prospect is for your offering. You should know exactly how it’ll benefit them and what they stand to lose if they don’t move forward with you. But even if you think [...]

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The Sales First Approach to Marketing

John Elmer, CEO of Bayard Bradford, leads with a sales-first approach to their marketing services. John teaches us why helping clients build the system to store, manage, and close sales opportunities is so important before driving marketing leads—and how you can help improve clients’ ROI metrics with a sales-first approach.

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How to Promote Yourself on Social Media to Increase Sales

The best social media platform to generate sales How to develop engagement and transition to relationships with trust How to attract the right type of followers / audience Using chatbots to transform audience experience How to move your audience from social media to a product or service The type of content that converts Tools to [...]

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People Don’t Trust Sales. Here’s How Tech Can Help

Customers don’t trust sales reps. Why? Because salespeople don’t understand their customers or sell the way they buy. And customers don’t really need salespeople anymore because they can get all their information online or through friends and family. That’s where sales tech can help. Learn more:

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